The Under 30: Chris Gordon

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Chris Gordon // 27 // Oreland, Pennsylvania // Email Marketer

I met Chris when we were freshman in college, and even then he was always working on something. He had already established himself as a musician, and he spent hours and hours refining his work and ensuring it was the highest quality product he could produce.

Over the years, I’ve seen this pattern repeat itself. Chris has produced music for a number of different projects. He’s been creating, performing, and producing in several capacities, not only as a musician but also in support of his acts through the creation of websites and music videos, my favorite of which can be found below.

Warning: This will quite possibly get stuck in your head

While this is impressive, it also has some unintended consequences. During college, Chris, myself, and a few others lived in a house together in West Philadelphia. Chris was working as a freelancer, part of a team that was scoring a horror movie scene by scene. Chris’ work ethic causes him to go over, and over, and over the same parts of his work time and time again.

Chris’ attention to detail meant that he would listen to this work at an extreme volume to make sure that every piece of the music was shining through appropriately. Usually he worked with headphones, but since he wanted to understand the ambiance of the scene, he would also spend a great deal of time working without headphones.

The scene Chris was working on contained a single line of dialogue. it wasn’t much, but it packed a punch. As I mentioned, it was a horror movie, and in this particular scene the killer had been caught in the act by one of the other characters. The killer took the opportunity to warn the on-looker that they could expect to meet a similar fate, and offered a degrading insult just to drive the point home. I’ll never forget that line of dialogue.

“You’re next…PISS BOY!”

For hours we would hear it. A crescendo, a loud crash, a silence…and then…“You’re next…PISS BOY!” It haunted us. It chased us to and fro. I woke up sweating, worried that after Piss Boy, it would be me the killer approached. It was traumatic.

That being said, the fact that Chris was willing to sacrifice the sanity of 3 of his closest friends for a freelance gig shows how committed he is to expressing his creativity. In a sense, that is quite admirable.

Straight From the Source

What’s your Favorite Hobby?

Making things and being creative. Mostly music, but most recently I’ve begun learning how to make video games. Learning new things and using what I learned to make something creative is my favorite thing to do.

What’re you most proud of?

I’m proud of being scrappy and making things happen for myself. I went to school for music but I don’t like the freelance lifestyle and being in a constant job search for projects, so I decided I wanted to get into marketing. So I set up a website and started going around to companies in my area and asking to do free marketing work for them (maintaining their website, running their Facebook page, making promotional videos, doing their email marketing, etc). That work ended up getting me a Real Marketing Job™ that I’ve turned into a career. You don’t need to wait for the world to do stuff for you, you can just go out and do it yourself.

Where do you hang out?

My wife and I have a great group of friends in Philly so when we were looking for a house we had to make sure that it was close enough to Philly that we can easily go there for the night without it being A Whole Big Thing™. So we try to go into Philly often.

What would your ideal job/career be?

I would love to do marketing work for a company I love, Nintendo. I think that would be tops for me. I learned early on that I don’t want my passions to be my work, that’s why I’m not a professional musician by trade, so I feel like doing marketing in an industry I’m passionate about would be my best case scenario.

What’s the best advice you would give?

Gonna quote my previous answer, “You don’t need to wait for the world to do stuff for you, you can just go out and do it yourself.” Yeah, that’s pretty good.

What do you wish you did more of?

No matter how much creative work I do in my free time, I always wish I did more.

Why didn’t you make Forbes 30 Under 30?

I haven’t made the thing that I’ll make that will break through yet, I’m confident it’ll happen eventually as long as I just keep Making Stuff™. And if it doesn’t, at least I won’t wish I did more creative stuff in the end.

You can keep up with Chris here.

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