The Under 30: Jacob Overholt

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Jacob Overholt // 27 // Philadelphia, PA // Tour Manager

Meeting Holt involved staying over at Sean’s after a house party, crashing on the couch, and feeling a need to go grab some brunch. I wanted to go to Fairmount to eat, and they were down to walk from University City. Holt told us stories about dates he had been on recently, with an attitude and demeanor you don’t often see in people so young. He had the sense of someone who had been around the block a few times, and just being around him was an interesting experience. That and, of course, the stories.

He was calm, relaxed, friendly, in his element, happy to go on about what was happening in his life, a real open book. A fast friend.

Years later, I saw Holt working. He’d been doing it for some time, but I had never experienced it up close. Live events of any kind are always on the brink of complete disaster, and running a concert, at a venue you may have never been before, with multiple bands and ravenous fans, is another level of challenge. Holt was calm, but much quieter, much more focused, and often isolated from the rest of the activity. Artists and their guests backstage drinking beer, fans of the band screaming and cheering, techs and crew running about, and Holt in the middle of it, overseeing the chaos and maintaining a sanity.

That was an impressive thing to see. The tools were always there, of course, but for someone so typically casual, it was striking to see him taking care of business. He was stern but not rude, he was involved but unassuming. He was controlling everything from the shadows.

It’s been an endeavor for Holt to arrive where he is, and his path is no different than the artists he works to support. He started on smaller projects and worked his way up, he started with a smaller budget and grew into greater opportunity. Each time he had to prove himself, and each time he did. Holt isn’t perfect, but any tour he’s managing is sure going to be close.

The time I saw Holt at his best, though, was when he married Sean and Kat. A live event, complete with friends, where for once he was the center of attention. Of course, he crushed it. Kind-hearted and funny, personable and efficient. He married them off right, and then struck a pose.

Be more like Holt.

Straight From the Source

What’s your Favorite Hobby?

Working on my car.

What’re you most proud of?

That I was able to purchase a dream car of mine.

Where do you hang out?

Dive bars, usually Era.

What would your ideal job/career be?

Writer/actor/musician, generally something that would allow me to be a more expressive individual and would keep me away from a computer screen. But they are only dreams as I have little to no background in these fields hence I why I follow a supporter’s role.

What’s the best advice you would give?

Do anything for a field that interests you, anything at all even if it’s just a tiny thing like hanging flyers or tweeting about your friend’s band.

What do you wish you did more of?

Worked more on my car, wrote more, took trips.

Why didn’t you make Forbes 30 Under 30?

It was a big year for the academy.

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