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Big Kids Like to Color Too

Introducing Crayola Art with Edge Coloring Books

We listen to a lot of books on a day to day basis as part of our homeschool day. While we enjoy the books, my kids prefer to curl up with a coloring book or two and their colored pencils. Only lately, we’ve been in a coloring book rut since you only pass off a book of medieval tapestries as fun so many times.

You see, except for my 7-year-old who still enjoys fairies, princesses, and cartoons, my kids have not been impressed with children’s coloring books for years. The majority of them are geared for little kids and not only do they not pique their interest, but they also don’t find them to be challenging enough either.

In comes the new Crayola Art with Edge coloring books to save the day. 
When the Art with Edge coloring books arrived at my home, courtesy of Crayola, our afternoon plans were canceled. The kids quickly picked their favorite books and started coloring away.

Matt called dibs on Ridiculousness and Zombie Daze. Since his daddy has recently taken up golf, he got a big kick out of this one.

Crayola Art with Edge — Ridiculousness

Ema is a DC Comics fangirl, so, of course, she snagged up the Justice League book and immediately went to work on creating a colorful Flash. She’s actually spent hours coloring in the Say What?! book though and seems to enjoy the fact that it allows for more opportunities to play with colors and shadowing.

Crayola Art with Edge — Justice League

Ali, picked out the Graffiti book, though I think she may try and convince here brother to trade for the Zombie one later.

Crayola Art with Edge — Grafitti

She is a big Tim Burton fan and loves all things creepy and fun. I can see why she wants it, though. This page in the zombie book cracked me up, and whoever ends up with the book, in the long run, I’ve staked claim to it.

Crayola Art with Edge — Zombies

More About Crayola Art with Edge

The Art with Edge line was designed for kids 6 and up and is fun for all ages. There are seven coloring books and two studio kits available.

Bound Books include 40 8 x 10 pages that are perforated so you can remove and frame the finished works.

  • “Say What”?!
  • Ridiculousness
  • Street Art (Graffiti)
  • Sugar Skulls
  • Zombie Daze

Collections include 30 loose leaf, 8 x 10 pages.

  • Batman
  • Justice League

Studio Kits come with 30 high-quality 8 x 10 loose leaf pages, and fine line markers picked to complement each kit.

  • Geoscape Perspective
  • Naturescape Perspective

You may have thought your kids were too old for coloring books, but if they are like my kids, they will love these. Plus, coloring is a great way to relax, fuel the imagination and improve cognitive function in a therapeutic way.

My kids have already added additional Art with Edge to their wish list for the holidays, so if you are looking for a creative gift for someone on your list this year, don’t forget to keep Crayola in mind.


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