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Take Your Kids on an Adventure with Big Sil

Children’s Books that take you an exploration across America.

As a home educator, I’m always on the lookout for new books that entertaining and educational. That is just what I found when I came across the children’s book series, The Adventure’s of Big Sil, written by A.J. Bennett.

Big Sil, an American Pit Bull Terrier, leads you on imaginative adventures, exploring the U.S.A. The current installments invite children to discover New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.

The text is short but informative, introducing kids to landmarks and places of interest in each city. I particularly love how the pages combine illustrations with real photographs.

The books are a great way to gently introduce geography to young children and look forward to any future installments.

I was actually hoping to keep our copies tucked away until we started our new homeschool year next week, but my girls found them and love them. My 7-year-old was captivated by the illustrations and photographs and my older daughter enjoyed them, even though they are far above her reading level, just as much.

BONUS: We are pit family and it warms my heart to see the misunderstood breed being shown in happy and loving light!

For those looking to continue the discovery beyond the books, you can visit The Adventure’s of Big Sil online to play games and request a Big Sil Passport. If you are planning some trips for your family, it would be a great way to get your kids excited to explore new cities.

About the Author and Big Sil

Big Sil is a real-life, loving and loyal American Pit Bull Terrier. Once considered “America’s Dog,” pit bulls are now one of the most abandoned dog. A Portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to pit bull charities. Big Sil and A.J. share a love for adventure. They reside in New Jersey.

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