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There is No Safe Space

They Will Destroy it All

This cuteness is why I put up with it all!

No by they, I do not mean my kids, (though that could be left up for a healthy debate,) I mean cats of course. Specifically my three cats, with their unique, but equally destructive personalities. There is no space in our home that is safe from their mischief. Some overload, king cat, is out there handing down their daily missions and they follow through faithfully, destroying every shiny or new thing in their path.

You thought you were going to set up that cute new tea set and put it on display. Wrong! The cat with the queen complex and just going to shove it right out of her way and sprawl out so she can look down on her subjects.

You thought those ornaments looked perfect towards the bottom of the tree. Think again! What kitten can resist going full on Assassins Creed on the freshly trimmed tree?

You thought you would spend some quality time with your kid and put together a puzzle. Ha! The king of the clan is going to knock over the box, plop his fat butt in it, and when he is done, he is going to swipe pieces off of the table just for good measure.

They will destroy it all!

My eleven-year-old daughter LOVES puzzles, so we decided Monday afternoon was a good time to start this one.

I had barely begun to sort the pieces by color and send the edges my daughter’s way when this happened.

Just look at that face. It screams,

“Go ahead, do your best but I am going to destroy these new tiny pieces you place before me as soon as you walk away!”

We managed to get through sorting half of the 1000 pieces, and my daughter finished about half of the edge when we had to stop for life. There was dinner to cook, chores to do. I took a deep breath and tried to have faith that when he uncoiled his fat sleeping body from that tiny box, he would calmly mosey on away and leave the puzzle be.

I must have been in some sort crazy euphoric state, because seriously, they will destroy it ALL.

He woke up, and with one giant “I rule this roost” sweep of his paw, there were puzzle pieces everywhere. If that was not enough, just for good measure, the kitten managed to find his way up, even though he is a crippled rescue that can barely walk, it looked like toddlers were let loose in a baby pool full of pop rocks.


I’m not sure how we are going to best our devious fuzzy family members and manage to put together this puzzle, but I will not surrender!

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