Last Update: October 2018

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A Little Bit About Jess

That Odd Mom

Why am I odd? Well, I homeschool my kids but I’m not religious. I breastfed my girls past the age of three, used cloth diapers and try really hard to eat real food.

I’m a southern girl. Parting with old-fashioned sweet-tea may be the death of me.

I’d rather watch a period drama than a reality show but I’ve been a hardcore Days of Our Lives fan since I was a kid. I could care less if you took sweets away from me but I might ninja drop kick you if threaten to keep me away from bread and pasta.

No, I’m not in cahoots with Oprah, I don’t use weight watchers, but yes dammit, I LOVE BREAD!

Typically, I just don’t fit into any of the “mom type” molds. I’m good with that.

I’m a 30 (something) year old Florida native (currently residing in Virginia) that has a slight obsession with Disney. I’ve been married to the hubs, Adam, for 16 years and we have three unique kiddo’s, Matt, Ema and Ali.

The last time I worked outside the home was 10+ years ago as the deli manager (aka — server, cook, scheduling, payroll and so much more) of a German delicatessen and bar. I know how to make a mean sandwich and pour the perfect beer.

Both rock solid skills to have once you become a parent!

For three years before that, I worked as a promotional model part time. Have you ever seen real life mannequins in a store front? Yeah, that was me!

Awww…look at me 20+ years ago delivering resting bitch face before it was even a thing! Now that’s the look my kids get when they want to debate how the litter box was “just cleaned yesterday!” Now I loathe anyone taking pics of me and will likely give you the finger if you try.

Seriously…this is me in EVERY picture! Someone always catches me with my eyes closed, resting bitch face or I have a distant stare that makes you wonder if I’m lost in a fantasy land where with my very own unicorn.

Despite being a TOTAL introvert, I’ve maintained several blogs, done Digital PR work, and outreach marketing. I’m passionate about many causes including No Kid Hungry. Most of my time these days is devoted to my kids health and education. But, if you want to see what else I’ve managed to do while homeschooling and attempting to make full time PJ’s a thing, you can come connect with me on LinkedIn.

As for writing. My writing style has as many mood swings as I do when I forget to take my lady time herbs.

I’m trying really hard to shift my brain back out of the mommy blog content mentality, to the authentic voice I used to share before Wordpress was cool. I’m putting myself out there with the faith that someone, even if it is just one, will get me, and think my writing isn’t total crap. Let’s be honest, it can’t be any worse that the dribble I’ve putting out for the last 5 years for the sake of numbers.

Stick with me. Find something that speaks to you and helps you find your mom zen.

If I haven’t scared you off, kick off your shoes, let your little piggies breath, browse the publication and enjoy the odd.