Prayer is an Act of Insecurity

Prayer is seen as an act of faith, and that makes no sense.

Praying has always been seen as the ultimate show of faith in religious circles, and that seems a little strange to me, considering the beliefs that many theists have about God.

Especially the belief that God has a plan for everyone and everything and that it is ultimately good. I mean, these beliefs are the reason that people are against abortion even in the cases of rape.

They’ll say it’s all part of God’s plan. These are the kinds of things I was taught as a child, and it’s the kind of belief structure that I hear from people on a daily basis.

In addition to the notion of a plan, I am constantly hearing things like “I’m praying for you.” And theists don’t just pray for others, they pray for themselves too. They pray for better health, they pray that they stay safe, they even pray over food to ask God to make it nourishing.

And these two things seem contradictory.

I mean, praying, to me, seems to be the opposite of an act of faith. It seems to be an act of insecurity. You’re basically telling God that you don’t trust him enough to let things happen.

I mean, if you believe that God has a plan for you and that it is ultimately good, why would you pray for good health? Do you not trust God enough to believe that he’ll keep you healthy?

Why pray for the security of your family members in the military or police? Do you not have faith that God will protect them? I mean, what if God’s plan is that you are to fall into poverty or develop cancer or have your house burned down?

By praying, you’re pretty much asking God to change his plan then, in that case. And if God’s plan is ultimately good, then why would you wish to change it?

For example, if you planned a family vacation- you plan every stop that you and your family were going to take, and the final stop was going to be the best- but before you got to each location, one of your family members would keep asking to go to another location instead, would that not defeat the purpose of the plan?

If you changed the plan at the whim of each family member, it would stop being a plan. And wouldn’t you feel like each member of your family was acting untrusting of your ability to plan a fun vacation? You’d feel like they didn’t trust your judgment.

So why would God not be angry at you for praying, since you’re effectively telling him you don’t trust him enough to let him implement his plan and you’re asking him to change it in the event that you don’t like what it has to offer. If you’re praying, you’re not showing your faith, you’re showing your insecurity.

This is the written version of a video I posted on YouTube a few months ago.

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