‘Fresh Hope’ as Liberal Comedians Lampoon Trump

Image: HBO/Getty

New York, NY — Anti-Trump campaigners breathed a sigh of relief today after a slew of hilarious attacks from the least likely of sources: liberal comedians.

With Donald Trump’s momentum growing in southern states and among angry, uneducated, lower-income older white men, many Americans agreed the best hope to defeat him lay in the stable of political satirists popular almost exclusively with young liberal educated urban elites.

“That ought to do it — now that Trump supporters can see rational, reasoned arguments against their preferred candidate and his positions, I’ll sleep a little easier that The Donald has the wind taken completely out of his sails.”

Comedians this week, from HBO’s John Oliver, Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah and TBS’s Samantha Bee — all formerly comedians on John Stewart’s The Daily Show — to Mitt Romney, who made his standup comedy debut today in Utah, all devoted their energies to lampooning presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Trump, once thought safe from the ridicule of TV comedy thanks to the lack of material he is meticulously careful to avoid providing comedians with, has faced an unprecedented onslaught from the least likely of sources since his meteoric rise in the 2016 presidential race.

“Well, doggone it — I guess we was barkin’ up the wrong tree!” exclaimed Otis Lee Cornhauler at a Trump rally in Valdosta, Georgia today. “We liked Trump — hell, we was even gonna vote this time — that is until we heard that methodical and cogent deconstruction of all his arguments from that John Oliver doohickey!”

Many Americans hope this fresh injection of rational takedowns of Trump, his appearance, policies and hypocrisies will turn this race around. Political scientist Professor Norm Seeker from Georgetown University said this phenomenon is not unprecedented: “We saw a 224% increase of jokes sending up ‘soft target’ George W Bush in both 2000 and 2004. We all know this strategy of mocking and ridiculing was extremely effective in keeping him out of the White House both times.”