Welcome to That South African

We need you! Looking for writers interested.

The world is tilted in an unfair manner, some voices drowned out others overhyped. Unfortunately status quo in the world means that developed and Western voices are heard over developing voices from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

We began as a podcast in South Africa facilitating dialogue between different views and correcting some of the misconceptions about South African society, economics and politics. We have since grown to encompass African stories in our episodes and are working on a series to tell African History.

Now we wish to cover Asia and Latin America as well and this publication is hopefully the first step in this direction, and as such we need writers from these areas or writers interested in writing about these areas if anyone is interested please e-mail us at:


If the language you wish to write in is not English then specify this as we hope to encourage people to write their own home languages not just English.

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