N% M%re Hash-Tags





Recently, Hash-Tags have became everyone’s obsession. Anyone could make any sentence sit next to a “#”. However, will this last long? Many might get used to it but later replace it with other signs. Maybe a “%” might get trendy and % could be used next to a word. Who knows?

%0 (Anger) — %30 (Sad) — %50 (Ordinary) — %100 (Happy)

Gd Morning!! %150

He was so Rude. -%200

%30 I miss you…

Humans are always craving for something new. For instance, are you gonna read the same book for the rest of your life or eat the same food everyday? — No way! Personally, if I eat sushi today, I’m gonna visit the Sushi shokunin next month.

Change is inevitable.

In fact, the variety that exists today left everyone ambivalent about the decisions they make. Most of the time, decisions are influenced by the majority. If everyone does it, it seems like the right thing to do. Just because this decision secures the maximum happiness for the greatness of the people, it does not equate to your contentment.

The next time you do something, just think for a while. Do I really want to do this or am I being influence by what my peers are doing? Maybe “HashTag” isn’t your your cup of tea, or in this case, your expression of categorization.

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