Gingerbread: Reasons to Vote Green

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Redbridge Gingerbread asked me on twitter: “why should single parents vote for you?”

It’s not a 140 character answer. What is?! Here are a few reasons.

They are reasons that suit people — yes they would be a reason for a single parent to vote for me, but they’d also be a reason for a grandparent… someone out of work at the moment… someone working hard in a job they aren’t respected in…. someone planning to have kids one day… someone planning on getting old…

What we’d do now: (full manifesto here)

Fund the bringing-up of children.

Increased Child Benefit, Childcare entitlement for three and four year olds increased.

Enable flexible and affordable bringing-up of children.

Raise minimum wage and end exploitative zero hour contracts — zero-hours is NOT the same as a supportive flexible part-time contract of work!
Many grandparents are caring for their grandkids, a decent citizens pension enables them to do this better.
End sanctions. They are not, as we are told, a ‘last resort for a tiny minority’. They have ruined families’ lives and left children hungry and destitute.
Increase the income disregarded when claiming Jobseekers Allowance.
End work-for-benefits programmes. Halt the implementation of Universal Credit.

Support affordable housing.

A range of policies that work towards house price stability AND good value social housing. I have heaps of stories of parents travelling two hours to get their kid to school since being rehoused, leaving a tiny window of time in the middle of the day to either work, or look for work.

Secure your child’s future.

No tuition fees — and the possibility of a planet for them to grow old in.


Here’s one way: A Robin Hood Tax. It’s the best-named tax around, and it’s been agreed in 11 European countries including Germany. It would bring in the money needed to restore the public sector and support job creation that pays a living wage. There is also closing tax loopholes, tackling tax evasion and higher tax for the top 1%.

Why believe me?

Our elected Green MP Caroline Lucas has led the charge for many of these issues in a hostile five years… opposing the Health and Social Care Act 2012, introducing an NHS Reinstatement Bill, voting against the bedroom tax, calling in parliament for tuition fees to be met by corporation tax.
This party hasn’t betrayed you. We haven’t voted for the dismantling of our National Health Service. We haven’t abstained on important fracking laws. We haven’t enabled the implementation of cruel sanctions which disproportionately affect single parents, people with mental ill health and disabled people.

The long term Green plan — a basic income for every person legally resident in the UK —goes further to support flexible working and respects much of the work done by parents which sits outside the 9–5.

You’ll be aware if you’re in my constituency that I don’t have a great chance of winning. A couple of things about that:
1) This is going to be a strange election. You really do never know.
2) If you think you do know… and you may be right…!

Every single vote sends a message. A vote for the Green Party shows that more and more people would like the main parties to change their tune.

Vote for Change. Thanks.

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