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Are You a Male Survivor?

Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

I am seeking collaboration and submissions from male survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or any form of sexual victimization, at any age or time in your life. Any kind of content will be considered: poetry, personal essays, fiction, flash, public interest, even any kind of artwork.

Original content is preferred but it’s fine if it’s been published elsewhere.

Content can be published anonymously, if you prefer. My email is kaos at protonmail dot com, if you want to reach our privately.

I lived a turbulent life, suffering in silence for decades, constantly struggling with depression and anxiety. Breaking my silence and sharing my story had a profound healing effect and I continue to find benefits from writing, creating art, and talking about the effects of my abuse.

Women contributors are also welcome provided the content contains some relevance to male survivors.




breaking a lifetime of silence

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Eric Jennings

Eric Jennings

dilettante, poet, invocateur, acccidental yogi and dabbler in patamysticism which is the spiritual branch of pataphysics.

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