All Change for Izzy and Skye!

A month or so ago, I made the difficult decision to move yards, away from a good friend and Skye’s home for a good three years.

We’ve now been in our new home for almost a month and, although it’s taken some serious getting used to, I really feel that I made the best possible decision. The first week was so hard. I didn’t know anyone, and although everyone was so friendly and willing to talk, it was still incredibly isolating being the newbie.

Skye didn’t seem overly bothered. The first day she was really unsettled and paced the fence all day. She didn’t stop to graze once so I decided it might be best to try her in a field with other mares. Now she’s really happy, and I believe that, with these horses coming and going so often, she’ll get used to being on her own, and (fingers crossed) we’ll have resolved her anxieties for good. Obviously it’s a work in progress, and these things take time, but we’re finally on the right track!


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