Square peg raises $235m

A co-founder of Melbourne’s Square Peg Capital says that the Australian startup industry now has control of its own destiny, after his venture capital firm this week confirmed raising $US180 million ($AU235 million) for its first fund.
“The capacity to grow the business of venture, entrepreneurship, tech and so on in this country is much more in our own hands than it has been in the past,” Square Peg co-founder and partner Tony Holt told Business Insider.
“The ability to control your destiny, focus on making good investments and have the capital available is a pretty privileged position.”
Square Peg’s fundraising effort came just months after AirTree’s new $250 million pot, which took the crown of Australia’s largest venture fund from Blackbird Ventures after it had secured $200 million for its managed fund in late 2015.

But seriously folks. It’s exciting to see this fund raising happening. It’s exciting to think of the immense opportunity that money (and AirTree’s money) represents. The money’s out there, and it’s great to see it coming to the surface. Australian startups, get some.

Here’s a few more round-ups on it:

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