The future of relationship-based healthcare: Learnings from our first eight weeks operating the Tia Clinic

By Carolyn Witte & Felicity Yost, Tia Founders

Apr 30 · 9 min read

Clarifying the role of technology

Tia Patient Reviews

The necessity for innovation in women’s health

Productizing this new care model

“Tia must become both healthcare translator, care navigator and research-obsessed thinker. For patients, Tia should act as ‘your best friend in medical school’ who explains things to you without dumbing things down. And for providers, Tia needs to be their ‘full-time research assistant,’ providing data-driven, evidence-based recommendations that at times, may be non-obvious, but clinically important. To create a meaningful patient <> provider relationship in the context of the pressures intrinsic to the modern medical system, Tia can’t just play one of these roles, Tia needs to excel at all of them.”

#1: Give the patient more control and agency over her healthcare:

Tia patients control their own health record & can share their cycle, health & wellness data with their Care Team to personalize their experience

#2: Equip providers to spend more time interfacing with patients (and less time interfacing with the EHR)

TiaMD (Tia’s “doctor facing” iPad app) flags relevant health data to providers ahead of a patient visit. During Tia appointments, this information is visualized on a “third screen” for the patient & provider to view in tandem.

#3: Facilitate transparency and collaborative care

During Tia appointments, patients & providers build a collaborative care plan personalized to the patient’s goal

Why people + tech > tech alone

#1: “I want more appointment times that work with my schedule!”

#2: “I love the experience I get at the Tia Clinic, but want that personalized care to extend before and after my visit.”

#3: “There are so many different services at Tia from workshops to events to different types of gynecology and wellness appointments. But, what’s right for me?”

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That’s What T Said

The latest & greatest taboo tales & tidbits from team Tia