A Death In The Family

MWC Death

There’s been a death in my family, but there’s been no wake. The death of a promise is one of the hardest to endure and forgive. The manifestation of a broken promise can take many forms. The absence of the intangible, but vital features of love and respect leaves one void of the emotional gift that their presence cultivates. In this situation, closure can be had, but only if you have a sense of yourself and self-esteem which I have.

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A marriage can be annihilated by the ego of one. The structure still stands and the walls still hold, but the promises are broken leaving empty space. Possibilities are limitless when the vapors of love fill the air and two share the same breath, breathing in what they both breathe out. But, when breaths become short and shallow spewing anger and blame, a death in the family takes place with no wake.

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

There’s no skin on the skeletal nuptials that walk around in plain sight wrapped only in disdain and mistrust.

We live separately together under a lingering cloud of the mismanagement of riches that once endowed a promise you gave then recklessly took away. I still hang lights and send cards for the holidays, set a beautiful table, and put flowers in my vase. I’ve kept my promise to make the most out of life. Made a promise to my daughter, myself, and my pets to do my best to give them the same.

There’s been a death in the family but no wake. We would send our condolences, but life has gone on. Do you feel the absence of the riches true love provided? When it was yours to value and hold tight? It would seem not, as you toil over the work that defines you. You are a master cobbler and a handyman. Known to some as a joker and a card.

Photo by Max Murauer on Unsplash
Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

There have been many deaths in life that I’ve endured and survived. The death of my father, the death of my mother, the death of a dear person in my life. The death of dreams that never came to fruition. But, I’ve been given my daughter and this has made life amazing.

I’ve regenerated from loss in the way of something else. A sort of shedding of my skin, to reveal a new one. I like to look at life in this way as it endows me with the ability to see the new and hopefully the good. To know that I am capable of generating new starts whenever I need to or am forced to.

Sometimes the shedding leaves me tired, but I let even that exhaustion have its time in my life. To be in it for a little while because then, it gives me someplace from which to emerge. Life’s ebb and flow are a given. I’ve come to expect and accept this.

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This publication will be devoted to what defines us.

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Barbara MacFarlane

Barbara MacFarlane

My education is in Liberal Arts/Dance/Writing having studied with Joy Harjo and Lee Connor writer and dancer respectively. But, my greatest honor is motherhood.

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