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Beer cooler Consul

The new face of Consul.

Cliente: Whirlpool Consul
Expertise: UX/UI, sensorial design, CMF (colors, materials and finishes)


Brazil is one of the top markets of beer in the world.
The serving temperature of the beverage in Brazil is very important and it is usually close to zero degrees.

Whirlpool observed a social change in the consumer’s habits.

Thanks to the economic crisis and the increase of insecurity, beer was being consumed more at home than at pubs. Whirlpool saw an opportunity to potentialize the experience of home consuming by providing the best experience from the pubs.

At the same time The Football World Cup was begging soon. Whirlpool took the opportunity to sell, transmit the perception of performance and renovate Consul brand image.

Solution | Experience Design | UI

The UI has black touch screen (that is associated by users with high technology) and has a friendly and close interaction.

The temperature digits were the big difference to other beer coolers. Inspired by the red light of pubs refrigerators, we studied various options. It was very interesting to learn that the addition of a circle surrounding the temperature changes completely the perception of the size of the digits in favor of a bigger display.

One of the main challenges to design a physical user interface was to communicate the product behaviour using the PCB board restrictions as LED and button pre defined positions.

Communicate that “minimum” did not mean low temperature but that the cooler will be set to minimum power required lots of studies. Maximum in the other hand means that the product will be full power to deliver the lowest temperature.

After testing different options we achieve a great user experience by creating icons that communicate coldness in a friendly way.

Consul users loved and understood perfectly our freeze pints.

At the time of the camp test the display did not have any animation.

We received a feedback that depending on the electric powerof the user’s home or even the position of the product inside their house the product could take too long to achieve the set temperature. Product exposed to heat/sun for example took much more to achieve the temperature than products that “lived” in a dark spot.

We dove into the user pain and in record time concluded that it was mandatory to show the temperature the user set but also was important to show that the product was still working to deliver the temperatude, we needed to show the process!

Mentally it was a difficult challenge but technically we found an easy way to solve it. Using the same LEDs and buttons we added an animation that shows simultaneously the configuration set and the “working to achieve” behaviour.

We sold it 5 or 6 times more than expected so the consumer feedback about the brand evolution and experience design was very relevant.

Solution | CMF

As the product was made to be positioned into new environments as living rooms and balconies (out of the kitchen) the colors and the design of the door were very important since the beginning. The colors followed international trends as bold and vibrant, dragging attention and positioning the new face of the brand as modern and young.

The tomato color is intense, emotive and young.
Yellow reminds directly to the beer color, associated to black it becomes masculine and sportive.
Titanium is the sophisticated and urban option.

Solution | Experience Design | lighting

Make the bottles and cans visible from the outside, communicate the internal temperature and give different controls according to the kind of beer were also important values since the beginning. In order to help with the friendly atmosphere the internal LED lighting had fade in and fade out. It was strategically positioned in front of the window taking, avoiding the need of an expensive LED.

Solution | Experience Design | layout

We also conducted different studies for the interior layout in order to offer a variety of configurations that accommodate different beer packages, delivering an experience completely designed for the beer lovers.




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