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Apr 27, 2020 · Unlisted
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The Opinion accepts short articles from various subjects across social sciences such as:

  • International News;
  • International Relations;
  • National News;
  • Politics;
  • Law;
  • History;
  • Sociology;
  • Environment;
  • Social Movements;
  • Economics;
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Self-development
  • Book Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Inspiration

1.0. Submission Prerequisites

  1. Word limit: 1000–2000 words;
  2. Number of authors: Maximum 2;
  3. Allowed Similarity: Maximum 20%.
  4. Referencing: Only Hyperlinks and Endnotes
  5. Language: Linguistically-sound English.

Go through this guide to learn about writing the perfect articles that gain an audience:

To learn more about plagiarism and paraphrasing, click here.

1.1. Content

  1. The Title is recommended to be creative and one that leaves curiosity in the minds of the readers. A 70+ Headline Score at Headline Studio by CoSchedule: Write Better Headlines is appreciated.
  2. The sentence structure should be easily comprehensible.
  3. The arguments should follow a clear stream of reasoning and should be unambiguous.
  4. The work should be unique and creative.
  5. Assertions with no reasoning or references are strongly discouraged.
  6. The title should be such that it generates curiosity in the minds of readers and the content should sufficiently address the curiosity.
  7. Information should not be repetitive.
  8. Giving credits to the references is utmost important. Informative, Analytical submissions with negligible or no references will be rejected at the offset.

1.2. Recommended Formatting:-

  1. Font Size: Title: 18 pts Headings : 14 pts Subheadings : 12 pts Content: 12 pts
  2. Line spacing: 1.15
  3. Alignment: Justified
  4. Quotes: Italicized
  5. The article must be divided into Paragraphs/sentences/headings/sub-headings.
  6. We recommend a higher number of white spaces and of use of paragraphs in the submission; A new paragraph after every 80–100 words is recommended.

1.3. References

  1. All the sources are advised to be hyperlinked within the text. All such hyperlinked text should be italicized.
  2. Wikipedia is not a source! The credibility of the source should be kept with high regards.
  3. An online reference to be found for the offline sources, and then be hyperlinked within the text. For example,

Books can be cited with links of the Publisher’s website, or any website that provides all the relevant information about the book. The page number should be removed.

Examples: JSTOR, Amazon, Google Books.

Legislations can be cited with hyperlinks that can refer to PDFs of the cited act or a website that views the legislation online. Sections/Articles can be mentioned within the content using parentheses (ss).

Example: Act 40 of 2019, The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019.

Other newspaper, magazine articles are easily found by simply searching the name of the cited article and the name of the author. The online source should be hyperlinked.

Example: Newyork Times article India’s Most Oppressed Get Their Revenge by Meena Kandasamy

3. In case an online reference cannot be found, the citation should be in Bluebook-Law-Review Format, as part of Bibliography.

1.4. Visual Arts

  1. We recommend the authors to use free resources while using adding any image to the article. The authors can use websites that have a huge collection of stock photos such as Unsplash, Pexels, StockSnap, Burst, Pixabay etc. or can try searching images online alongside using the words “free images” and look for results from one of these stock websites.

Click here to learn about using free images for your blog

2. If the images are not being used as an illustration, all the images, including the cover image must be realistic images instead of graphics.

3. Online videos can be used as a source, provided the link of the video is provided alongside the submission;

4. In any image that might be added in the piece, due credits have to given to the source of the image.

Authors are supposed to add links to images, wherever suitable. For example, under different Heads, or sub-heads. Author’s are not required to add image files in this case.

The links to the visual art to be mentioned in the following format:-

Source: *Website-Name hyperlinked with the visual art URL*


Source: WordPress

2. Submission

Submission shall only be made in .doc/.docx file format.

  1. The Editorial Board of ‘The Opinion’ shall have the copyright over the submissions and shall have the right to edit the article. Due Credits shall be given to the author.
  2. If the submission is urgent, a separate form would be required to be filled. The link for the same shall be provided at the end of the form below, after submission.
  3. We strongly recommend the authors to provide a link to their LinkedIn/Instagram account. Such a link shall be published at the bottom of the story.

Submission link is given below

3. Plagiarism Report

We strongly believe in protection of intellectual work of others, therefore we do not allow publication of articles with more than 20% of Similarity with any other work(s).

Authors need to provide a plagiarism report along with their submission.

Authors may use Search Engine to get their report, however reports from University-authorized plagiarism-checkers shall also be admissible.

The above platform allows only 1500 words at each round. Therefore kindly submit the report for only the first 1500 words of your submission.

4. Time Limits

We only process a limited number of articles in a day and therefore, the following time limits are subject to number of submissions being made everyday:-

  1. First Notification: Acceptance/Rejection Mail within 3 days of submission.
  2. The First Notification will consist a tentative date of verdict. No reminder mails shall be entertained before the same.
  3. Verdict: Verdict of publication/rejection shall be sent within 10 days of acceptance in the first notification.

The submission shall not be revocable after the first notification.

The Editorial Board shall have the right to enhance the article so as to make it reader-friendly. However, no changes shall be made with the spirit of the point of view that the article might be presenting. The moral rights shall remain with the author.
Once the submission is published on The Opinion Blog the same shall not be re-posted on any other platform.

In case of any dispute, the decision of The Editorial Board of ‘The Opinion’ shall be binding and final.

By submitting the form, as attached below, you acknowledge that you have read all the submission guidelines, terms and conditions, as stated on this web-page.

Rejection Grounds

R1: Plagiarism exceeding 20%.
R2: Violation 1000–2000 word limit.
R3: High Paraphrasing.
R4: Numerous linguistic errors.
R5: Poor reasoning.
R6: Poor substantiation of claims made.
R7: Insufficient Authorities.

In case of any queries, write to us on or click here.

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The Opinion

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The Opinion

The Opinion is a publication based on Medium. We publish short articles on social and legal subjects, providing an opportunity to the early writers who face trouble in finding people who can review, enhance, publish, and promote their pieces.

The Opinion

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The Opinion

The Opinion is a publication based on Medium. We publish short articles on social and legal subjects, providing an opportunity to the early writers who face trouble in finding people who can review, enhance, publish, and promote their pieces.