100 Days of 3D Design

How I taught myself 3D modeling in 100 days

My Past 100-Day-Projects

My workflow

Step 1: Ideation

A collection of ideas & reference photos

Step 2: Modeling

Modeling a soup dumpling using the box modeling technique

Step 3: Materials

Applying material to the soup dumpling in Blender’s Node Editor

Step 4: Lighting

Applying the three-points lighting by adding key light, fill light and backlight

Step 5: Rendering

Final render of the soup dumpling

My 100-day journey

Day 1–5: Get familiar with Blender

100 Days of 3D — Coffee Cup
100 Days of 3D — Donuts

Day 6–70: Climb the learning curve

100 Days of 3D — Cupcakes
100 Days of 3D — Beer and Cocktail
100 Days of 3D — Chocolate and Popcorn
100 Days of 3D — Snow Globe and Popsicle
100 Days of 3D — Minion and Pig
100 Days of 3D — Abstract Series
100 Days of 3D — Houseplant Series
100 Days of 3D — Sushi and Planet

Day 71–100: Create my own art

100 Days of 3D — Crow People (Inspired by the game Monument Valley)
100 Days of 3D — Enchanted Rose (Inspired by the movie Beauty and the Beast)
100 Days of 3D — Balloon House (Inspired by the movie Up)
100 Days of 3D — Gunter (Inspired by the cartoon Adventure Time)
100 Days of 3D — Cat (Inspired by the movie The Legend of Hei)
100 Days of 3D—Ghost
100 Days of 3D — Mountain Whale
100 Days of 3D — Moose Island (low poly tutorial)
100 Days of 3D — Lighthouse Island (Inspired by Jeremy’s artwork)
100 Days of 3D — Watchtower Island (Inspired by game Firewatch)
100 Days of 3D — Windmill Island
100 Days of 3D — Daydream in a Cup


1. Create something on your own

The real learning happened when I pushed myself into the “problem-solving” mode and tried to figure things out on my own. Passive learning creates knowledge. Active practice creates skill.

2. Learn just enough

Learn Just Enough means I don’t have to learn everything in order to feel good or get started. Instead, I just need to learn enough to achieve my goal.

3. Done is better than perfect

A good-enough piece of artwork violently created now is better than a perfect piece of artwork meticulously created never.




A place to share thoughts and process for the 100-day-project.

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