She was woken up by the sound of a calm but steady breeze brushing against the top of tall trees. In the distance, a stream could be heard, making its way down the mountain. The birds were singing in a way that was almost celebratory. She tried to rose up, but her arms failed her, since she had been asleep for quite some time. She looked down her body and realized that her short practical hair was no more; her hair reached her knees now, in a succession of bright, thick black waves. She touched the fabric of her dress, which she didn’t remember putting on. It was a beautiful long gown: large bell sleeves, a nice round neckline that wasn’t too revealing, seemed to have a bit of flare at the bottom. The color was exquisite, made her feel like a humming bird: turquoise, deep blue, maroon, forest green… It was like if somebody had hand picked her favorite colors and made a dress from them. When she made her second attempt to rise up and succeeded, she realized her gown had an incredible long train, that disappeared into the forest. Curious as she was, she decided to follow it. She made her way from the sunny hill she had woken up in into the deep forest. Inside the forest, the air and the light were different. The air was denser, moister — it smelled of dew and trees and bushes and flowers, all mixed together. The light was almost ethereal: the sun peeked it way through the tall and leafy trees and in some spots, you could see the forest dust dancing in sunlight. She was almost distracted by the beauty and calm of it, but she urged herself to go on. Soon she was out of the deep forest and near the stream she had heard upon waking up. The train of her gown followed the stream down the mountain, and soon she started hearing a sound of heavier water being thrown down the mountain: there was a small waterfall, that formed the most beautiful of lakes, with crystal blue water. From her vantage view point, she could she the white sand and rounded white pebbles under that perfectly inviting water. When she reached the edge of the lake, she realized the train of her gown was inside it. She made her way into the water, her gown and her long black hair floating around her. When the water reached her waist, the end of her gowns’ train came floating into her hands. It was decorated with beads that looked like water droplets. As soon as she touched them, the train magically wrapped around her body, returning her to her true form: that of a mermaid. Some say that on some special days, when your back is turned around the lake, you can hear the splash of her humming bird colored mermaid tail before she disappears into her cave, hidden deep under the crystal blue lake.

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