I got off work a bit late, so I ran to the train station. I was breathless by the time I got there, but managed to get on the usual train just in the nick of time. I went to the second cart, lower floor, one seat down from the emergency exit. I always picked the same seat — close enough to leave the train in case of emergency, not close enough to get glass all over me. Whenever I found myself having this thought I giggled inside a little, thinking ‘Somebody has been watching one too many crime shows…’. But one thing I have — besides obviously a vivid imagination — is a good memory. So I always get on the same train, pick the same spot and observe pretty much the same bunch of people. I mean, this is a suburban route, doesn’t exactly scream ‘tourist’ or something. However, I notice that four seats down, on the opposite row, sitting on the outside seat is a man, one I never seen before, and he is staring at me. More like glaring. He his tall and has a large built. I notice that although he is wearing jeans and a t-shirt, trying to look casual, he is wearing military style boots. He looks like a bad undercover secret agent. I shake my head, feeling like I am being silly and that my imagination is taking the best of me. So I put on my earbuds and try to relax. But he won’t stop glaring. A few minutes into the train ride, we reach the first station and two other men, a look very similar to the one who has been glaring at me, board the train and go sit next to him. They seem to whisper among themselves and then one of them nods his head in my direction. This time, I wonder if I am being paranoid or if there is something actually going on. I look behind and notice that beside me, the men and an old lady sitting a couple of seats away from me, there is no one else in the cart. And then the glaring man gets up and starts walking towards me. As he is about to pass by the old lady seat I see him reach out to his back and I see him pull out a gun. I enter panic mode and decide to run. I hear noises and grunts behind me, but I just keep running to the cart’s stairs. I allow myself to look back and see the old lady fighting the glaring guy — his buddies are on the floor, blood around them. Are they dead? What the fuck is going on? The glaring guy seems to knock the old lady and runs after me, grabbing my foot as I try to run up the stairs. I kick him in the face and he pulls me down. He pulls out his gun and as he is pointing at me, I just go at him. I somehow disarm this huge guy, as I am able to anticipate his moves and fight him back. Hell, next thing I know his is unconscious on the floor. I feel someone come up my left and take up a fighting stance.

‘Wow, calm down there. You just been activated. I am not the enemy. I was sent to protect you.’ Says the old lady, who I now realize is actually a guy dressed as an old lady.

‘Hell of a job. This one almost got me!’ I say, pointing to the now not glaring guy with his gun still in my hand. His gun goes off and his head bounces a little off the floor.

‘Why don’t I keep that…? At least until you know how to put the safety on?’ Says the old lady guy, as he reaches for the gun, holds my hand and gets me off the train.

‘Where are we going?’ I dare ask.

‘To the place where it all began.’ He says smiling mysteriously. Oh boy, I can tell I am in trouble…

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