Daisy walked towards work slowly, as a convicted felon would walk is final steps before being executed.

Her right hand clasped tightly to her bang handle. Her left hand was hidden away in her pocket jacket, the not so long fingernails still managing to bury deep in her palm.

Her eyes were focused on the floor, as if looking around would be enough to make her deviate from her path.

She was dragging her steps, as if trying to delay the inevitable.

Just as she was about to turn the corner into the main office, something caught her attention: a piece of yarn.

When she first saw it, it was green. A few steps later, it turned orange. And then pink. And then purple. And then blue. And then green again.

Daisy remembered one of her favorite quotes, by Paul Klee:

‘ A line is a dot that went for a walk.’

It was as if the dot — a ball of yarn — had deliberately jumped off someone’s bag and decided to go spread its colors on the world, exploring it as it went down the street.

Before she knew it, Daisy was 5 blocks away, still following the rainbow yarn, wishing secretly that it let somewhere magical, somewhere where her remaining faith in Imagination could be saved.

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