This was one of the strangest disorders Monica had ever seen. In all her years as a psychiatrist, never did she have a patient so delusional as this one. Sure, you get a handful of patients who tell you they are the Devil, but this one was so sure of himself... He always carried himself as perfect gentlemen — at least on the surface — but there was something about the way he acted and the way he talked that you could sense were not entirely innocent. Monica had always been suspicious of people who use too many words to say simple things, who repeat the same idea in several only slightly different ways, only to slowly lead you to believe and side with them. Those are traits of a manipulative personality, with severe — maybe even dangerous — narcissistic traits. The weirdest part was that this patient acted as a slightly cartoonish version of the Devil: he had grown a small thin mustache, which he profusely covered in gel at the tips, turning the corners up, with a daunting Daliesque reference. Also, he would lurk in corners, watching doctors and nurses turn on each other, due to fights he himself had started, by creating intrigues. He would then rub his hands in delight, make a scary grin and walk away tiptoeing, like a cartoon would do. The fun fact about his disorder was that he only acted childish and cartoony when he thought nobody was watching. When he was up to mischief, trying to turn people on each other and plant caos all around, he always acted articulate and very convinced of whatever he was trying to manipulate others into doing. Monica was pretty sure this patient would hardly ever be released from the hallways of this hospital — his grip on reality was too far gone. His perception of the would around him was too tarnished to allow him to ever lead a normal life. As long as he insisted on acting as the Devil, he would never leave this Hell.

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