Paula woke up sore and confused. The half of her body that was touching the ground felt cold. She reached out her hand before opening her eyes and they felt something hard and cold, like glass. Once Paula opened her eyes, she realized that it was indeed glass she was sleeping on. And surrounded by. And trapped under. She was inside a jar. Which made absolutely no sense, so for sure this was just a weird dream. Paula pinched herself and closed her eyes, but she was still inside a jar, with no memory of how she got there. She remembered being windy last night. She went to close the blinds on the living room window and as she did, some hands dressed in gloves forced they way into her home. She remembered being terrified, but nothing else between home intruder and trapped in a jar. She noticed the green below her, realizing the jar was standing on grass. As night gave into day, she realized she was in an open field with nothing but grass — and other jars — for miles. There were thousand of other jars, all with other confused young women inside. Then, the Earth started vibrating and soon there was a shadow over Paula’s jar. It was a man, a giant man, holding the jars to the level of his eyes, analyzing them. Some he would put down, some he would smash on the floor, smashing its inhabitant as well. And he didn’t looked at all phased by it. Since there seem to be no pattern to his decision, Paula couldn’t come up with an idea that would land her on the safe side, so as he approached, her panic levels where at a all time high, her fast breathing creating steam that covered the walls of her jar. He held her jar to the level of his eyes and said ‘I will save you. For Christmas.’, then bursting into the perfect evil laugh.