Upon returning from a perfectly tiring beach day, Greta and her boyfriend decided they would close their eyes just for a minute, before jumping in the shower and removing all the salt and heat from their bodies. Instead, they fell into a deep, comfortable slumber. The afternoon sun soon reached Greta’s balcony, the light breeze making her curtains slowly brush against the recently replaced wooden floors. The light that came and went with the breeze made Greta’s closed eyes feel as if they were being kissed by small, undecided drops of light. She slowly woke up, her body an all delicious numbness, her waist covered by her boyfriend’s heavy but safe arms, his steady and warm breathing against her neck. She budged slightly, as to check if he was still sleeping. He sighed slightly, still fast asleep. Greta decided to turn so as to face him; he thought it was creepy, but she loved seeing how peaceful his face got when he was as deep asleep as he was now. The light continued to come and go with the breeze: sometimes it kissed one of his eyes, sometimes his forehead, sometimes his lips. Greta noticed that when the light touched a certain area of her boyfriend’s face, it was as if something in her took a fall from a cliff; she felt her heart rush, just like that time when she was little and decided she would jump from a swing — her breathing stopped mid-fall, the adrenaline from the jump slowly replaced by the panic of hitting the floor too fast. The diference between then and now was that this time, there was no fall — or fear of falling. There was also no pain. She — or rather her fast beating heart — was still on a swing, hanging dangerously above a cliff, but she feared not the fall. ‘To not be scared anymore.’ Greta thought to herself. ‘What a strange, unfamiliar notion’. As the fading sunlight turned from bright orange to tired yellow, but still dancing upon her boyfriends face, she raised her hand as to touch his cheek, his beard prickling her hand, sending small chock waves down her spine. Her thumb brushed again his salt dried lips. She was overwhelmed by the immense wave of tenderness that had suddenly taken a hold of her, bringing grateful tears to her eyes. Her boyfriend stretched, finally waking up, oblivious (at least for now) than in a short but deeply heartfelt moment, he had just been transformed from Love to Love of a Lifetime. He smiled at Greta, who hugged him and decided that for now, she would hid the deepness of her feelings in a warm and apparently innocuous hug. Sometimes naps change lives — and melt hearts.

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