‘I could have sworn I put it here…’ she mumbled, as she messed up her drawers in a frantic search for her favorite scarf.

‘Sam! Come on sweetie, we’re late!’ her fiancé called from downstairs.

‘I am coming, Jack! Just a minute!’

Sam put her hands in her hips, as she always did when she was thinking hard about something. She was trying to figure out were she had last worn it. When she reached that memory, her face got pale and her hands fell on both sides of her body, slightly shivering. Sam shook her head, as if to quickly dissipate a bad memory.

This kind of thing had been happening quite frequently lately. Things inexplicably going missing, I mean. First, her grandmother’s earrings. Then some pictures that where hanging on the walls. Even her engagement ring had been missing, but then reappeared on her bedside table a few days later. The strangest disappearance to date was her underwear. At first, since she spend a few nights at her then boyfriend’s apartment, she just assumed she had left them there or lost them in the laundry. But now that they had become engaged and were sharing the same house, and only her underwear seemed to disappear… It was a bit strange.

This seemed to be particularly troubling for Sam, because they sparked memories of a recent and traumatic event.

You see, Sam was a therapist and one of her patient developed deeper feelings for her, which she was not able to understand. Said patient was then forced to show her that his affection was real, and that they were meant to be together.

He had prepared a bit romantic gesture in her previous place: rose petals on the floor, candles around the bed… A passionate setting, really!

Sam however, had not thought it so, and she and her patient had a terrible fight. She had found out this patient was following her (out of love) and was scared. He tried to kiss her to calm her down, but instead she fought him and the candles in the bedroom started a massive fire.

The patient saved Sam, and because of that, he was sentenced to a lighter sentence, to be served in a psychiatric hospital. In the day he was sentenced, Sam sit in the court room caressing her favorite scarf, which only slightly hid the bruises in her neck, inadvertently caused by her love stricken patient. She did not seem sad to see him convicted. But he knew he had to come back to her.

Which is why I managed to escape, to come back for the love of my life. I only sit here, hidden in the back of her closet, lurking in the shadows, because I know that deep in her heart, Sam loves me too. And she will be happy to see me. I appropriated the house next door to be close to her. I found a passage from my attic to her bedroom closet and have been visiting as frequently as I can. I love to watch her sleep, so peacefully. I love how she is so frantic in the mornings, her hair a delicious arranged mess.

I know that face… she just remembered where she put her favorite scarf: inside the closet. There comes my love…

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