There once was a very vain king. He always wanted the best clothes, the best jewels, the best shoes — best everything. On the morning of his 38th birthday, the king was horrified to discover that his hair was starting to fall off! Since a bald head would not fly with the new crown he had ordered, he decided to find the best hair dresser in the kingdom, so she could solve his problem. The best hair dresser in the kingdom was also the most dangerous witch in the kingdom — but the king was so desperate he did not even stop to think… He made an appointment with the witch, who told him:

‘I can solve your problem. However, you cannot ever tell anybody how I did it — that’s my price. Otherwise, things will get mighty hairy for you…’

The king pleaded:

‘Just do what you have to do! I can’t be a bold king, or I’ll never land a hot queen!’

The witch nodded, they shook hands and the agreement was settled.

The next day — and over the course of the following 6 days — the witch would come by the kings’ quarters and for the course of 5 hours, she would brush his remaining hair with chicken feet. But not any chicken feet! Purple, very much alive, chicken feet. The king thought this to be a very weird course of action, but since it seemed to be working, he did not question it.

A few months later, the king had a full head of hair once again, and was soon married to the hottest princess he could find.

On their wedding night, the now queen asked her king what was the secret for such pretty hair. Ignoring the deal he had mad with the witch, he told her all about the purple chickens.

As soon as he did, the queen screamed in pain, falling to her feet. When she did, the hem of her dress lifted a little, revealing that the queen’s legs where covered in giant layers of thick matted hair!

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