Doodle by Sekmeth Ames

The birds started chirping, practicing for the big event. The mouses were busy running around, spreading the early Autumn foliage, creating a fiery colorful corridor. Even the lazy cats had decided to lend a helping hand; they had borrowed a few Christmas lights from their humans’ attic and were decorating the trees around the garden.

Then, as soon as the sun touched the horizon line and disappeared behind the lake, they waited. The whole garden had come to see him, curious as to if the tales were true. Just around the corner from the big oak, a rummage of leafs was becoming more and more audible, announcing his arrival.

The cats decided to turn on the Christmas lights and as soon as they did, there he was, in all in beauty. James, the new inhabitant of their garden. A creature of rare and moving beauty. He stood still at first, looking around, impressed and honored that so many had come to see them — some from as many as three gardens away! He decided to dedicate them a slow and heartfelt bow, before proceeding.

As James walked down the leaf path prepared by the mouses, each step as elegant as a dance move, he was accompanied by birdsong. The Christmas lights made the richness of the dark blue plumage in his chest glisten. His long and beautifully colorful tail dragged behind him, waiving slightly between each step, as the train of a gorgeous dress.

There was no doubt about it: James was the new king of the garden. Not only because of his beauty, but also due to his grace and poise. But his beauty was unusual: James was no ordinary peacock.

James tail was not covered by the usual gold and turquoise medallions in peacocks tails — oh no! The medallions in James tail were depictions of the most perfect rose buds you can imagine!

When he reached the end of his stroll, James perched himself on a branch that stood over the lake. As soon as his tail slowly brushed against the calm waters, the rose buds in his tail started to bloom, flooding the garden with the most unbelievable scent. James tail was now a beautiful bouquet of deep red roses.

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