I love how peaceful you look when you sleep.

Your face, usually so serious and tense, replaced by a serene and relaxed look. ‘I am not tense, I just take Life very seriously — as it should be!’ is what you usually say, accompanied by a full teethed bigger than life perfect smile.

Your long blonde locks cascading on both sides of your face, the sun reflecting the different tones of yellow — beautiful. I imagine this is what Sleeping Beauty would look like.

Watching you sleep is like pressing pause on time, which seems to run a lot faster since I met you. Or maybe its you the one who runs, me struggling to catch up. You are so high energy, so full of life. You are kind and smart and fiercely passionate about everything — even those horrible lime green sofa pillows, which you keep around just because 'they remind me of Summer. And I love Summer!' And then that smile again…

Being around you is constantly being awake to the small wonders this world has to offer: walks around the park at the end of the day, spontaneous weekend trips to Spain, trying one new thing every week — like that time you took me out climbing even though I hate heights. When we reached the top you said 'Why be afraid of the climb if this *opens arms to underline amazing scenery* is what awaits us at the top?' And then, you know it. That smile again. And the wind dancing around her long blond locks.

I feel guilty now, for enjoying watching you sleep. 'Cause this is a slumber from which my sleeping beauty will not wake up. I love how they made you look so you — alive, even in death.

I clutch my fingers to the side of your coffin and lean in for one last kiss, still feeding the unrealistic expectation that you might wake up.

As I prepare to leave I put a plane ticket to Machu Picchu in your hands — your dream destination. Safe travel, Dear. I will meet you there.

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