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Why I started Muting my friends

It’s almost guaranteed when I am scrolling through my social media feed. I come across a post from a friend that sparks a reaction in me.

The odd time its joy happiness for what they posted, and I am glad that I saw it — the rest of the time, it’s an adverse reaction.

Whatever the post is, there comes a quick thought and question run through my mind:

You love to live life without fear or judgement, which is why you’re here. You do not let your past dictate the future and instead live in a state of courage — the willingness not only to take on new challenges but also to believe that they are worth it. Welcome to the 100X Life!

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Edwin J. Frondozo

Edwin J. Frondozo

Multipassionate entrepreneur. Founder of The 100X Life, CXO at Slingshot Telecom, and award-winning producer & host at The Business Leadership Podcast. Writer.

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