How to Handle the Low-Ball in Automotive Sales

Attitude is more important than the product or the price. I’ve had customers who come in, determined to pay the ‘fair’ price for a vehicle. But I know they aren’t worried about price as much as they are worried about a great experience.

I had a guy who wanted a truck, but didn’t want the dealership to make any money off of the deal. To him it was fair that he only paid the invoice for the truck. This makes no sense, of course, because if the company sold its products for invoice then it wouldn’t stay in business to service customers.

I trusted the customer would pay for my positive, can-do, agreeable attitude — remember, always, always, always agree with the customer. So I told him, “No problem, whatever you want, it’s yours, my friend. I just appreciate having the opportunity to do business with you.” He was shocked by my response and the smile I had on my face — and I hadn’t let him get under my skin. I spent time with him, showed him the truck, got to know him — even laughed with him — and remained a positive influence throughout the whole interaction.

I treated him as if he was about to give me $1 million — always treat the prospect like they can and will buy, regardless of the circumstances. I put aside the fact that he didn’t want to pay more than invoice and pushed everything in the direction of a great attitude.

At the close I showed him the documented invoice for the truck, with state taxes of $4,000 and another $2,000 for me to take care of him for the next four years. He looked at me and said; “I know I can buy this down the street without paying the extra two-thousand.” And with a smile I responded, “You’re probably right, but you won’t get me down the street.” He laughed and said, “I don’t know why I’m doing this, but let’s do it,” signed the invoice and wrote the check.

Remember, there is no treasure greater than a great attitude and no way to get real treasures without having a great attitude.

Be great,