Is Peterson a Giant Mistake?

If the rumors are true that the NY Giants are interested in Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, fans should be very worried.

Peterson sent this not-so-cryptic tweet the other day, which has the New York media buzzing.

I’ll make this simple.

The only reason someone make’s this move is because there’s a belief the team has a legitimate chance to get to the Superbowl. In even contemplating this deal the Giants would basically be saying ‘We don’t have many shots left with Eli.’

Yet if the team believes this, Peterson would not be the answer. He has played less than 3 games in two of the last three seasons, and been under the knife multiple times. And while he did lead the league in rushing in 2015, he also led the league in carries by a healthy margin.

Also worth noting, while Peterson is an aggressive-style runner who invites contact, his most recent injury came about on a relatively innocuous play.

The bottom line is simply this: If the Giants are making a run this year, their best bet is to sign a quality offensive lineman to play one of the tackle positions, and draft another running back in one of the first two rounds. For while one could argue a healthy Peterson is better than anyone you could draft, I would argue vehemently against this. There are many quality backs entering the league right now, so why not invest in both the short and long-terms if you think running back is a need?

The reality is the Giants did not lose to the Packers because they did not have Peterson, but because they could not stop the pass, or protect the passer.

I think it’s quite obvious Peterson would be a mistake for the Giants, and I’m sure General Manager Jerry Reese would agree. It’s more likely Peterson is shopping himself around in the hopes of landing somewhere.

The Vikings are a team who has spent money to win now, and if they let Peterson walk that should tell you a little about his value.