Offensive Line — Good, Meh and Bleh

Every player reviewed here is based on whether they can be a player, hence their category. A guy can fall into “good” and be a bust, but if he’s being picked in the 7th or UFA, then it still holds.

Ryan Ramczyk

  • He’s very mobile, but he’s not a monster like previous UW lineman.
  • Has seemingly great technique, and isn’t off balance. Gets out to second level well.
  • But it seems he can get pushed around and beat. I only watched him versus Ohio State and while he was solid, he wasn’t dominant.
  • He isn’t a dominator in the run game, but he’s effective.

Forrest Lamp — Western Kentucky

  • The guy is legit. Watched him versus Alabama, and handled Jonathan Allen Tim Williams. Easier time with Allen. Not a lot of length but as a guard or a center, this guy is on your team for a decade, and can play every position.
  • Moves feet very well and has a mean streak. Could potentially be an all-pro center. Maybe not an all-pro tackle.
  • Didn’t get the big offers. Temple and Iowa St the biggest, so he might have something to prove. Love him.

Pat Elflein

  • Powerful player who doesn’t get pushed around. Can get beat with speed when he has to pull but anything in front of him he takes care of.
  • Sees most of what’s going on around him.
  • Get a bit over his skis sometimes, with head down — leaning.
  • Great team leader, and will be a presence in the locker room.
  • Can play center or guard.
  • Will play a long time.

Conor McDermott UCLA LT

  • I like this player a fair amount. He’s 6’8, 310, and he seems to know how to get into position.
  • He could be a better run blocker, but he seals pretty well.
  • On blitzes, he picks guys up, and doesn’t get pushed back because he gets into good position. He can also get outside on screen passes.
  • Blocked for Josh Rosen last year, a freshman, who had a great season.
  • I would take this kid in the 5th-6th round.
  • People knock him for his lack of strength, but if he adds it, he’s a steal.

Dorian Johnson LG — Pitt

  • Fires off the line quick, but isn’t overly powerful. Rams into opponents.
  • Has good feet, and seems to have length. Gets to second level quick.
  • I think he should be playing LT or Center, but not guard.
  • Someone can make him a much better player.

Dion Dawkins — OT Temple

  • Has the size and feet to play tackle. Strong up top, but doesn’t seem like the most fluid player. Can be put on skis when overwhelmed, but is somewhat dominant when he moving down hill.
  • Not sure I see him as a great left tackle, but he could turn into a NFL starter somewhere on line.

Dan Feeney

  • Heavily touted and recruited player for Indiana, but not as good as Jason Spriggs, imo. More athletic, but not as powerful and it seems he doesn’t get leverage.
  • Because of his feet I could see him playing center, but if he’s just a guard he won’t be dominant in pulling run game.
  • 4th round pick, imo, and he hope gets stronger and can play multiple spots.

Taylor Moton

  • Big kid with a nice base, but didn’t seem to play as powerfully as his size would suggest.
  • Played Right Tackle past season, but projects as a guard. I could see him in a zone scheme, like he played at Western Michigan, or more of a pulling guard because when he does run block that’s when his power shows up. When he’s pass-protecting, he can lose balance against better players, like he did at times against TJ Watt.
  • Has good recognition of who to pickup on blitzes.
  • Someone needs to work with him on his form, but I think he’s definitely a player in the NFL. Performed well at combine in the shuttle, and had a 30+” inch vertical.
  • Had no problem moving Ohio State guys around 2 years ago at guard, Bosa, Washington, etc.

Julie’n Davenport — Bucknell

  • The guy is massive at 6’7, 320lbs, with 36 ½” arms. You know who that is? It’s Orlando Pace. But he’s playing against tiny people at Bucknell.
  • That said, he can really move for a guy his size, and based on all of this, he will go in the first 120 picks. Plus, he’s seemingly a really smart guy. Cousin of MKG.
  • He often loses his base because he has to practically bend over to block people at his level.
  • No one knows if he will be able to handle the NFL until he does it. But would I take him in the 5th round? Absolutely.

Roderick Johnson — FSU

  • He’s a strange one because he’s a massive guy, 6’7”, 330, and he can move. He was offered by EVERY major program in college football, hence how he you end up being the Left Tackle at Florida State.
  • There are times when he’s dominant, but there are other times when he looks clumsy. You wonder if he’s still filling out because he’s just so big and long limbed.
  • He has a hard time locking up players to block when he gets to second level.
  • He’s worth taking if you’re a team who doesn’t need a Left Tackle tomorrow, like the Eagles. I don’t see him as a bust, and he could be good, but my guess is he will merely be a serviceable player. It will come down to his willingness to get better. If he likes football, and wants to get better, he could be something.

Sean Harlow — Ore St 7+

  • Harlow has good feet for a LT, and gets into good position pretty quickly. He can drive block and he maintains good position.
  • Sometimes he gets thrown off balance, and he gets overpowered by players who you don’t should be able to move him around. That’s bad. .
  • Not long enough for Left Tackle, and not strong enough for right. Don’t think he’s athletic enough for Center. He’s kind of a guy who does everything pretty well, but nothing amazing, yet has good technique.
  • I think he will land somewhere, and may surprise.

Collin Buchanan — Miami (OH) C

  • He’s a big guy who seems pretty agile for his size. He never really seems to get that off balance, minus a few plays. Watched him against Miss St, and while I didn’t love the scheme he was in because there’s not a lot of power running, he seemed to hold up really well as a right tackle.
  • I think this guy could potentially be a late round steal. And I actually think he could play either tackle position.

Damien Mama C

  • He doesn’t blow you away with any one thing, but Mama seems like the kind of guy who no matter the competition, he’s going to do exactly what he does: road grade.
  • He is a guard in the NFL, and only a guard, but he will be an effective one. If the players around him are great he’ll be part of a great line; if they’re bad, he’ll be part of a bad line, but he will play. He’ll never be the reason you define an O-Line one thing, one way, or the other, but he will certainly be in the NFL.
  • 3rd round grade, potentially higher. Goes to a good team may start right away. But his WEIGHT is a MAJOR problem. If he doesn’t star under 340 he may just disappear, but not literally. That he’ll never do.

Jordan Morgan — Kutztown — C

  • He’s playing at Kutztown so it’s really hard to judge when he manhandles some guy, BUT…he looks pretty quick out of his breaks, and drives guys into the ground.
  • He played tackle in college, but he’s a guard, or potentially, a center. I could see him being a center because he’s quick out of breaks, and undersized.
  • This guy needs to get stronger, putting up 20 reps at the combine.
  • I would take a chance on him, for sure because he has great feet. I think if he went to a real football school he ends up playing DT, but here we are.

Jermaine Eleumunor C

  • He’s a horse. Initially I wasn’t impressed, but then I watched more and was moved a bit.
  • He rarely gets moved backward, and overpowers opponents with ease.
  • Undoubtedly a guard in the NFL, probably on the right side.
  • Doesn’t do anything that blows you away, but he can’t be blown away, which means his power is A+
  • I’d look at him if you need a guard in the 4–5th round but doesn’t have the feet to play tackle. Gets dusted on the edge by talented players. A lot of raw material.

Jessamen Dunker Tennessee State — 5th

  • To watch this kid you had to either watch one of his games fully, if you can find it, or the senior bowl workouts.
  • I like what I saw. He’s a VERY good athlete for a guy his size. He blows guys away at the lower college levels. You have to wonder what good coaching will do for him.
  • He was kicked out of Florida for stealing a Scooter.
  • Some say he can only play guard on the next level, but I wouldn’t count on it.

Eril Austell — LT — Charleston Southern

  • Played tackle in college, but will not be big enough in pros. Probably not big enough to play guard, since Andy Levitre is smallest in league, and still bigger. But he can DEFINITELY be an effective center, especially in a zone blocking scheme like Denver used to play. Not a power team.
  • Right situation, I would definitely look at this guy around the fifth round. He’s an athlete.

Jerry Ugokwe — William & Mary

  • This is the first guy you want off the bus. Massive, 6’7”, 320, almost 36” reach. From Nigeria, and has only played football for like 5–6 years, so still learning.
  • His technique needs real refinement, but I have to tell you that I like what I see. He’s a project, but he understands how to get into position, he will throw guys around, seal block, get to second level. Didn’t see him pulling much, but I’m sure he can do it.
  • Someone will take him in the 6th-7th round, and he is definitely worth a gamble.
  • With the right coaching I think this guy can be a tackle in the NFL.


Ethan Pocic

  • LSU Center. Didn’t watch much but what I did left me thinking “meh.” Runs well, can get out on pulls, but tends to use his hands too much, and isn’t overly powerful. Was dominated at times.
  • Gets out-leveraged because he’s too tall for center 6’6”
  • Needs to get a lot stronger, and if he does he could be a backup center. He’d almost be better playing Left Tackle.
  • Apparently great “locker room” guy. I prefer great “field” guys.

Garett Bolles

  • He’s got really good feet and can get up on a dude fast. And he appears to have a real mean streak where he wants to drive guys through the earth. You have to like that.
  • Downside is he can get beat by superior athletes, and he has a slightly troubled past. But appears on the straight and narrow now.
  • Looks talented, for sure. But more of an upside pick. OTs are hard to find.
  • If he goes in the first round that’s a huge risk, hence the “Meh.”

Will Holden — Vandy

  • Cannot play left tackle in the NFL. Maybe RT, and likely a backup at best.
  • He’s got a mean streak where he wants to punish guys and I like that. Much better drive blocker than pass protector. Talented pass rushers can work him, and get him on skis.
  • Potential to stick around for a rookie contract, unless some great coaching makes him a lot better.

Antonio Garcia — Troy

  • The tape shows a very fluid athlete for a Left Tackle, but it shows no power.
  • Not sure how great the coaching is at Troy, but the bigger problem is the weight. It’s almost like he would have been served being a leaner DE than putting weight to make him a OT.
  • Doesn’t get beat much, but has to lean a lot because of lack of strength.
  • Will get beat by better DE/OLBs in the NFL. Poor competitionn.

Isaac Asiata — Utah G

  • Powerful, stout player, who likes to hit people, which is great. Has good feet to run, pull, and get to second level.
  • If he’s in the right scheme, which I don’t think he was at Utah, probably more effective. Not a zone block type of guy to me, but can certainly do it.
  • A bit limited athletically, in that he’s not a bender, and can get put off balance. I kept thinking of Bradley Cooper, “Big Tree fall hard…” cause he can tip, and does.
  • There’s Center potential there as well. Related to Matt Asiata. 4th-5th Round.

Chase Roullier

  • Free agent signing, or 7th rounder.
  • Has athleticism, moves feet well, but this guy just whiffs on blocks over and over.
  • Not very strong either, and can get tossed around. Dont see him doing much unless he can transition to becoming a center with more pop. It’s doable, but not worth anything in first 150 picks.

Aviante Collins

  • He’s a tweener. He moves really well, but he doesn’t have the size. Against Oklahoma he was often overpowered, but at the same time, he’s a guy who will finish blocks off violently. Just don’t know if he’s big enough to play Tackle in the NFL, or guard.
  • Maybe he’s a center? I don’t know because TCU hardly runs the ball and is always in zone, so you never see him pulling or doing anything with real movement.
  • He ran a 4.8 at the combine and pressed over 30. Someone will take him based on that alone, and maybe I would want to see my team do it in the 6th round, but based on college tape, it’s hard to see results. You have to think you can turn him into something. It’s doable. My gut says he’s worth taking.

Tyler Orlosky — Pitt 6th+

  • Decent looking center who zone blocks well, but never saw him against a dominant Tackle or Nose Guard. Doesn’t get pushed around, and can get to the second level.
  • Didn’t look overly athletic, but not a slouch. He uses what he has well, like bumps players off with his shoulder.
  • Just a guy. May even be a starter for a short period of time.

Jon Toth Kentucky — C -5th+

  • Very good looking prospect who was 1st team all-SEC by coaches. He’s a bit tall for a center and sometimes gets pushed around, but not at the expense of the play.
  • Picks up blockers, can dominate the point of attack, gets to next level, and seems to hand fight pretty well.
  • I’m almost surprised he’s not a left tackle, but I think he’s a limited athlete. If he can make up for his stiffness with intelligence, you could have a guy who starts for your team, or at worst, fills in at a number of spots.

Kyle Fuller — C — Baylor

  • I liked what I saw. Powerful guy who gets out of stance pretty quickly, and gets his body on people. Does not seem to get pushed around.
  • Baylor offense masks any problems because it’s quick, but I think he’s worth a pick for sure.

Jylan Ware

  • Big kid who needs to add weight, and get real coaching. I haven’t seen enough to tell you if he’ll be good, or not, but he looks at times like a building about to tip over.

Levon Myers — NIU 6+ UFA

  • Watched against Ohio State’s Tyquan Lewis and Joey Bosa. Often overwhelmed.
  • Can run block, and he’s a capable player, but didn’t look special. Slow against the second move, or even a quicker player. See him as a guard in the NFL, at best but he can move around with Tackle experience. Spot starter/backup.
  • Position flex gets him drafted late 6th round, but prob no earlier.

Deyshawn Bond — C — Cincy 7+

  • He’s small, compact, and uses his 6’2” height to get underneath players. I’m not sure he can really put on weight, and I’m also not sure he can maintain his speed getting abouve 290lbs.
  • That said, he is really solid in pass protect, and has the speed to get into space.
  • James Ferentz is a 6’2, 290lb backup center for the Broncos. Draftable.

JJ Dielman — C — Utah 6+

  • Tough guy, decent feet, can get into space. But he can also get pushed around because he has his head down quite a bit, and is a leaner. Doesn’t really get as set as you’d like. But gets off the ball pretty well.
  • Looking to hit people, which is nice.
  • Limited athlete visually.

Corey Levin

  • He’s a Guard/Center prospect who is very quick for the position, and can really move in open space. Sometimes he gets overpowered, or out-leveraged, but looks coachable.
  • His play needs to be stronger, meaning he needs to start driving players and not just running into them.
  • I could see this guy working out, and would draft him.

Evan Goodman LT ASU

  • Bit of an enigma in that he looks the part, and even plays the part, but sometimes it looks like he’s not playing that hard.
  • Has to be a Guard at the next level because he’s not long enough, but has good base and athletcism. Can do it.
  • I think he’s a 3rd day pick who will make a roster for sure, and is able to play at next level.

Ben Braden LT Michigan

  • Limited athlete who leans a lot, and can get beat by quicker and stronger pass rushers.
  • I’d think he’s a guard in the NFL because he has the ability to run block, and move in space, but he can’t be out on the edge alone.
  • I think he has already his his ceiling, and probably isn’t worth drafting unless a team has extra picks and OL is a position of need.

Daniel Brunskill LT SDSU

  • Athletic tackle who doesn’t have the frame or the size to play at the next level.
  • Former TE who moved this past season to OL.
  • He leans a lot, and bends over at his hips. That can be fixed though.
  • He literally has to do steroids to make it in the NFL. Needs 25–35 pounds of REAL MASS.

Greg Pyke Georgia 6+

  • Serviceable player who has limitations in nearly all facets, but seems to be someone who could occupy a place in the NFL, likely as a backup.
  • Doesn’t do any one thing great, but does lockup his opponent pretty well.
  • Moves well for someone his size and can probably play RT or G. Would benefit from being more powerful.

Lucas Crowley UNC C

  • Top recruit who never put on the weight necessary to make it to next level. Cannot play guard or tackle because of his size, despite skills.
  • Undrafted free agent, who needs to gain 30 pounds.

Gavin Andews Ore St — C/G 6+

  • Strong guy who looks for contact, and can’t be knocked around head on, but he lacks the lateral quickness you need for center. Could potentially play guard as well.
  • He can throw a guy with one arm which is nice, but ultimately, I don’t think he’s quick enough in today’s game.
  • 10 years ago he’s got a better shot. 6’5, 340lbs.
  • Probably don’t draft him but invite him to camp, sure.

Nate Theaker Wayne St

  • He looks the part against limited competition. Gets in good position, is light on his feet. He also likes to hit guys.
  • He’s a guard on the next level, but I don’t think he’s a good enough athlete to dominate NFL players. But again, hard to say watching him at WAYNE STATE.
  • Invite to camp.

Javarius Leamon South Car St

  • He’s a big guy, 6’7, 330, has the frame. Originally committed to Clemson but didn’t qualify.
  • The kid is flat out sloppy, but there’s a lot of raw clay there.
  • If you have extra picks you take him and stash him on the practice squad, and hope you can turn him into something.
  • Not a lost cause at all. Just think he didn’t have great coaching or training.

Sam Tevi UTAH

  • He has all the tools, but seems to lack the fundamentals. Really good feet for a big man.
  • He can play either tackle spot, but with all his bad tape you have to wonder if he is a) doesn’t have an athlete’s vision/anticipation or b) isn’t that into football.
  • Worth drafting in the 5–6th round as a potential player.


Jon Heck RT UNC

  • Heck runs like a guy who really has to go to the bathroom. My guess is he doesn’t even like football that much, but he’s so big, someone forced him to play it.
  • He’s just not athletic enough to be in the NFL for more than MAYBE his rookie year.

Zach Banner — USC

  • Massive dude who can run block, and move decently well. When he locks up with a guy downhill it’s over, but getting there is the problem.
  • He’s 6’8” so he’s probably too big to play guard. And he doesn’t bend well at all.
  • He was at 375lbs at times. Needs to be at most 340, and that’s still too big.
  • Project.

Nico Siragusa

  • Not related to Tony Siragusa, for starters
  • Watched this kid for 10 minutes and I didn’t see an athlete. I may need to watch him more because people like him, but I saw a rigid player, who has a mean-streak, but doesn’t necessarily play with power. Doesn’t seem instinctive to me.
  • Probably goes in 4th round, but it would almost surprise me to see him make an impact.

Adam Bisnowaty C

  • Was a 4 star recruit who received a lot of offers, but Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin didn’t offer, or at least not a “hard offer.”
  • Has the size, team leader, and he looks well coached. But seems limited athletically
  • He can run, move, slide, but struggles to reset when a move is put on him.
  • I wonder if he has reached his ceiling. I’m guessing he has.
  • See him as a backup Left tackle, but not much more.

Joe Scelfo NC State C

  • Small, stocky center, who has no position other than center. Not nearly the athlete to play in the NFL. Surprised if drafted.

Bret Treadway Lamar

  • Very athletic but he’s not a lineman. He weighs 250lbs which means if he can snap the ball he will be a longtime snapper in the NFL. If he’s lucky it’ll bring him past his rookie contract, and he’ll be the next Jon Condo, who I believe makes a million a year snapping the ball.

Victor Salako LT OK St

  • Nope. Big bodied player with skinny lower legs, and doesn’t have great balance, or bend. Leans a lot. May be drafted for overall size, but not a NFL player.

Cameron Tom C — S. Miss — UFA

  • Blocked for Raiders Jalen Richard at Southern Miss. Doesn’t seem overly powerful but he will run a guy off the field if he makes contact.
  • Lacks awareness of players who may not be his responsibility, where he could help.
  • Can get out on screens.
  • Don’t think he plays with enough power to be in the NFL, but maybe better coaching. Worth an invite.

Jamaal Clayborn Miss St

  • Only saw him play Center but apparently plays Guard as well. Has the size for both.
  • Bottom line is he is a very adequate college center who is mostly a zone blocker, but he’s just too slow to be truly effective in the NFL. Lacks anything dynamic.
  • Not worth drafting.

Caleb Peterson — OG UNC

  • Has the size to play and the power. Decent hand fighting and can get leverage, but he’s too slow out of breaks, and gets beat inside too often. When he loses leverage he’s a leaning tower.
  • Doesn’t have enough position flexibility. Not worth drafting.

Kareem Are — OG — FSU

  • Massive O Lineman, who was top JC prospect before getting to FSU. First guy off the bus type.
  • Very good when he locks up, but he looks sloppy sometimes, and can be pulled off balance easily. Has good straight line movement for a big man, but so so laterally.
  • He will get drafted, but needs to get more fit, and may need a year on practice squad.

Jonathan Mclaughlin RT VT

  • Good size, decent strength, but he’s a leaner. Pass protection he can get beat with size or speed, and doesn’t have the feet to play inside. Looks sloppy. Not an athlete.

Tobijah Hughley C — Louisville

  • He just doesn’t have the athleticism to play center in the NFL, nor the size to move over to guard. Not worth drafting. Probably not a camp invite either, but someone will bring him in.

Cam Keizur — Portland St

  • Very nice of the NFL to invite him to combine, but this dude is sloppy. Not playing in the NFL.

Johnny Caspers OG Stanford

  • Average player from all standpoints. Dominates, gets beat. Moves well in space, then looks frozen. Doesn’t play with enough power all the time, and can get beat inside.
  • Created a lot of holes for Christian McCaffrey, but it says something that he wasn’t able to run inside very much.
  • Not worth drafting before 7th round.
  • You have to figure he had good coaching because of Stanford pedigree, but yet he’s not special.

Storm Norton LT Toledo

  • Decent movement for a guy who is 6’8”, and seals well. Gets into position with a wide stance, and doesn’t get too off balance. Needs to play with more power/get bigger.
  • He’s worth bringing in as a UFA but limited player.

Dan Skipper LT Ark

  • Skipper is 6’10, and barely 300lbs. The guy almost shouldn’t be playing football
  • He chases the the action, rather than dictates it. Meaning, he reacts to what the opponent does, rather than put it on the guy.
  • He wouldn’t be able to knee bend enough to be effective in the NHL, and I don’t think he’s powerful enough to keep players at bay with his long arms.
  • Wasted pick, IMO.

Adam Pankey WVU LG

  • This guy is a project. He’s a big boy with some length. Looks like a tackle. Has a solid base, but you watch this film enough and you see this guy laying on the ground. Either having fallen over, taking a poor angle, or getting knocked down.
  • He may just not have the vision and athleticism to translate into a NFL starter, but sometimes you watch him and he is effortlessly moving the pile.
  • I don’t think it’s a lack of commitment — I just think he lacks the natural ability to be good.
  • Wouldn’t take him.

David Sharpe Florida — C

  • Massive offensive lineman who can impose his will, but is not as dominant as you’d like. Tra Thomas size.
  • He can get faked out pretty easily by speed rushers, and leans a lot which puts him off balance.
  • Has the size, and has played at the highest college level, but don’t see him being anything great, if anything at all. Wouldn’t take him before the 6th round.

Avery Gennesy — A&M

  • He’s a big kid who performed OK at the combine. Has some ability and movement, but he gets pushed around at tackle, which means he probably can’t be a guard. And he’s not quick enough or athletic enough to play C or T as well.
  • I don’t see it with this guy despite Texas A&M being a place where a lot of offensive linemen have been drafted in recent years. Like Matthews, Joeckel, Ogbuehi, Ifedi, etc.
  • He’s not next in line. I see an average spot player at best.

Danny Isidora 6+

  • Big bodied guard for Hurricanes. Loses balance quite a bit, and seems top heavy. Can move for a large man, but doesn’t really seem to have a great feel.
  • Can’t imagine he does much on the next level.

Chad Wheeler T USC 5+

  • Didn’t look very good to me. Gets beat with speed, and can be overpowered at LT spot.
  • Gets into space well, but doesn’t always pickup blocks.
  • Had a lot of injuries. Has size and length, but I don’t think much of him.

Cameron Lee — Ill St

  • Watched this kid play Carson Wentz’s alma mater, and nothing jumped out. Would have to improve a whole lot just to be on a team. Not strong, not quick, doesn’t move that well in space. He’s bulky and has the frame, but that’s it.

Justin Senior 7+ UFA

  • Big boy, 6’5, 330lbs, and moves pretty well for his size. Definitely not a left tackle.
  • Gets his hands on a guy and can lock them up, but seems to whiff on a lot of pickups, and is left wondering.
  • If he improved a lot he could be a RT, but he’s likely suited for Guard, and may not even have the capability to play.

Ethan Cooper Indiana (PA) Comb — 7+ UFA

  • I saw him at the combine and he looked big and athletic, but then I saw his game film and he looked like someone who doesn’t know how to use his power. He didn’t push around players at a low college level of football.
  • Maybe someone gets something out of him, but you’re literally taking flier on a player who doesn’t dominate kids who play at Clarion.

Erik Magnusson — OT — Michigan

  • I struggle to find something he does really well. When he gets his hands on your downhill in the running game, he can be effective. Other than that, he gets beat with speed, beat with moves, can get put on skates pretty easily. In zone blocking he misses his man a lot as well.
  • Gets pushed around by smaller defensive ends. I don’t think he’s worth picking.
  • He’s a guard in the NFL.

Dieugot Joseph

  • Was unable to locate any footage, unfortunately because he’s a prospect with upside.

Kyle Kalis

  • Big time recruit who never reached supposed potential. He has played 4 spots on the OL, ending with RG this past season. He could probably play either guard spot in the NFL.
  • He has a good punch with his hands, a wide base, and likes to drive guys when he can. But he’s a limited athlete, who leans a lot, and can get caught looking the wrong way quite a bit.
  • Maybe there’s a backup role for him in the NFL but I don’t see him as part of a winning team.