Quarterbacks — The Good, Meh and Bleh


Mitch Trubisky

  • I think he has it. I’m not impressed with him the way I was with say Matt Ryan, but he really can do it all.
  • He’s mobile, he has the arm, he stays in the pocket and he sees the field. If Derek Carr can be a great pro, or Alex Smith can win you games, there’s no reason he can’t.
  • I believe he has the tools, and QBs go #1 now, but he’s far from the best player in draft.

Pat Mahomes

  • At first I didn’t see much, but the more I watched the more I came around.
  • He puts the ball in great spots, and while he is erratic, he doesn’t feel the pressure.
  • I can see someone going first round on him, but it’s a risk. I think he’s better than Watson.

Jerod Evans — Va Tech — S

  • I actually like him a decent amount. Reminds me of? Dak Prescott. I’d almost be stunned if the Cowboys didn’t take him, to be honest, or Carolina. From Dallas.
  • Not the most accurate thrower, but he stays in the pocket, sees the field, has a big arm, and is a team leader. Only had 8 picks, 2 in a 7 pt loss to Clemson.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he became a Tight End.


Deshaun Watson

  • He is not a tight window thrower. Has nice touch on deep balls and fades.
  • He’s a lot like Mariota, but I don’t think he makes as many good decisions.
  • He is mobile, but wants to be in the pocket
  • I would NOT take him in the first round.
  • Andy Dalton is his ceiling, IMO.

Deshone Kizer

  • I don’t see first round. Paying him first round money is a major risk.
  • Super athletic, can make all the throws from a physical standpoint, but he just doesn’t seem to have any touch. And again, it’s not like Russell Wilson or Carson Wentz are runners. They run when they have to. You need to be a great pocket QB and I see him as a project.
  • Physical tools are there, but I don’t see the touch, and hard to learn that.

Davis Webb — Cal

  • He has the size and the monster arm. Makes throws that wow, but also makes really, REALLY bad throws as well. He’s also very stiff physically. In a lot of ways he looks just like Nick Foles Wows you one second and terrible the next.
  • The idea is to get to the playoffs and win superbowls, and he’s not doing that. You take him 3rd Round, maybe later. Not better than Connor Cook, imo.

Patrick Towles — BC/UK

  • He’s got the size, he’s got the arm, and reminds me of a worse Big Ben. He can really make all the throws, even though I didn’t see him at BC…only Kentucky.
  • They say he’s inconsistent, but if guys like Drew Stanton and Kirk Cousins can develop, so can he. But again, I didn’t see him this year.


Brad Kaaya

  • People loved Brad Kaaya, so I watched, and from the time he began until the time he finished, all he did was get worse.
  • I don’t have much to say about Brad Kaaya other than I don’t think he’s very good.

Josh Dobbs

  • Don’t see it. At best a backup for a few years. Strong kid, big arm, can be physical, but can’t make throws from pocket.

Chad Kelly

  • This kid has more problems than Jay-Z.
  • Was “dis-invited” from the combine, but said he was going to show up anyway.
  • Was kicked off of Clemson, a team that allows players to grab the opponent’s scrotums.
  • Big arm, but big knucklehead. He’s like Jay Cutler’s drunk brother.

Alek Torgerson

  • Pocket passer, big arm, tough against Ivy players, but doesn’t have great accuracy or athleticism. There’s a reason he’s at Penn.
  • Jay Fiedler made it out of the Ivy and so did Ryan Fitzpatrick. He’s not in either of their classes.

Tyler Stewart, Nevada

  • Never got around to it.

Taysom Hill — BYU

  • Stunned if he gets drafted. Maybe by a Mormon owner or GM

CJ Beathard

  • Nephew of Bobby Beathard. Was supposed to be a bigger deal, but he doesn’t anticipate anything. If he sees it he has the arm and the mechanics to make a throw, and he can even make plays on the run, but he can only do the obvious.