Mark A. Williams & “The Brand Builder Book”

Creating desire for your brand

I read an article earlier today that said Generation Xers really need to give us millennials a little more credit because we are a very bright generation with ideas that will easily change the world.

Even with so many ideas floating around, some of us often find it difficult to get them off the ground without the necessary resources at our disposal. Sure you may have the money and the talent, but it doesn’t mean anything if no one knows about your idea due to a lack of personal branding. That’s where Mark steps in.

Mark is a marketer who knows exactly how to help those who are just starting to shape their brand. With so much experience on past projects, he’s had the opportunity to really guide companies to success during his career. Learn more about him and The Brand Builder Book.


First & Last Name

Mark A. Williams

Why did you decide to write “The Brand Builder Book?”

I decided to write my book to give others who may not have the same corporate access the exposure to some of the world’s most recognizable brands while also teaching them how to apply similar strategies to building their own business. Living in Atlanta, I encounter a large amount of people who aspire to one day own their own business, but aren’t sure how to grow it. I’m also extremely passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs as they look to expand and build their own brands and business.

What does “The Brand Builder Book” mean to you?

To me, the publication became an opportunity to help and encourage others. As I’ve reached some of my career goals, I felt it was important to help others accomplish theirs in return. To me, the publication symbolizes the knowledge we all have within us that we take for granted. That knowledge should be out on a platform so that we as black millennials can help each other.

What or who is your book dedicated to?

This book is dedicated to the dreamers, the doers and the doubters.

Dreamers: The time of execution is now. Visualize, strategize, prioritize and takeover.

Doers: Keep doing, but most importantly never forget to pull those dreamers up with you.

Doubters: I embrace you, I thank you and I love you. Keep doubting.

What does it mean to be a black business owner & author?

It’s a special feeling to know that my work has the ability to help people of color like myself. I think it’s important that we as African-Americans pull one another up in order for us all to achieve our goals. We are more powerful together than we ever will be individually.

Bragging Rights

In addition to completing my first publication, I’ve also started a non-profit organization called iViewAtl. The organization provides community development activities like outdoor movie and food festivals for seemingly segregated Atlanta neighborhoods to encourage diversity and inclusion of all races, religions and cultures. To give back, I host an annual Christmas celebration in Washington, DC, where I’ve donated upwards of $4000 each of the past three years to Toys for Tots.

I’m also very involved in the local Atlanta community as a member of the Emerging 100 of Atlanta, and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Through those two organizations I’ve had the pleasure of raising scholarship funds for Atlanta Public School students.

Want to contact Mark for more information?

Grab your copy of The Brand Builder Book: Seven Plans to Expand YOUR Brand at Be sure to connect with Mark on social media via @marketingwilliams on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and by following his hashtags #TheBrandBuilderBook &#EntreBRANDneur.


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