Blog Even When Nobody Is Reading

A random photo of my coffee table. From bottom to top: “The Everything Essential Spanish Book” (Do not let this fool you — I am failing at trying to learn Spanish); Kindle Paper White; Printed interview between Junot Diaz and Samuel Delaney; “Half of a Yellow Sun”; Xbox One controller.

I came across this blog post today written by Alisha Kirpalani:

It is worth the read, especially for bloggers who feel like quitting because they have a very low readership (*raises hand*). But if I may, I will add one more reason to the list, borrowed from my good friend Rembert Browne (we do not know each other).

I considered keeping a diary or writing a journal, but when it’s just for my eyes, I get shockingly lazy (write for 2 straight days, get really proud of myself, and take 3 months off…)

I am the same way. You know, come to think of it, maybe I should try this approach with my novel…