Ice Cream Adventures

On our way back from Margaritas, a chain Mexican restaurant, my fiancé and I decided to grab a couple of vanilla ice cream cones from the Golden Arches. As we pulled into the drive-through, my fiancé said, “Watch them not have any.” As always, she was correct. The voice in the intercom said, “Sorry we don’t have any ice cream left.” We pulled off and my fiancé said, “You fucking suck.” We laughed, and then she asked if we should just get ice cream at the Friendly’s across the street. “Sure,” I said. “Why not?” The man at the counter at Friendly’s asked us what we wanted and as I was about to tell him, he said, “Just one second,” and walked away. We waited for approximately seven minutes before deciding it was not worth our time to wait. “Maybe this is a sign that we should not be eating ice cream,” I told my fiancé as we were walking into the Stop & Shop in the same plaza. While in the ice cream section, my fiancé said she wanted a Snickers ice cream bar. I said that maybe we should go to the CVS across the street because we could get a single Snickers ice cream bar instead of a box of four or more. She agreed, and that is where we bought the Snicker’s ice cream bar for her and a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich for myself.