Latest Landing Page Design Trend circa 2017

We have listed the latest landing page design trend. Over 25+ screenshots included.

Landing pages are great way to hook your visitors and get them to your sales pipeline. This month we saw two big companies redesigning their landing page and we couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance between them and immediately noticed that it is the latest trend happening right now.

Slack Landing Page Redesign

Atlassian’s Stride Landing Page

If you have not noticed the similarity, we are here for you.

There is an increase in use of illustrations these days in landing pages. We have evidence. 🕵 To be more specific, small human illustrations holding big objects. We are not saying those are good or bad designs but just pointing out the latest trend. 😉

There are also illustrations of cute animals mimicking human activities. Probably Intercom were the first one to adopt this trend.

Even Tobias Van Schneider also tweeted out about this trend

Here are the full examples.

  1. Slack

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