It’s Time — Redefining What It Means To Be A Woman

Jasmin Oliver
Apr 5, 2018 · 4 min read

I found myself in a debate about feminism with a male friend of mine. I in no way believe I’m an expert on what feminism is and what women stand for, but what I do notice is so many people have different views on what feminism is. So I decided to share my perspective and hopefully hear your opinion on feminism as well. In no way am I, or even would shame anyone’s belief’s we live in a world with people from all different backgrounds. I find it limiting to not listen to what other people have to say and stay closed minded

Before I continue, I do want to mention that I’m speaking of the feminine energy, this isn’t just about genders. Men can have more female power which has been a trend in our culture, and there are women with more masculine energy as well. Both male and female should have both energies balanced out; this is a time in history where the female power is healing.

Being a woman with feminine energy is speaking from that perspective. I believe being a women is absolutely amazing these day’s. Finally, more and more women are standing up to fight against being an object that is supposed to be “owned” and “controlled” per man’s discretion (which is not all men or the case for everyone).

The feminine energy is a force to be reckoned with more than any time in history, with movement’s covering sexual abuse, sexual harassment, independence, and equality.

I don’t believe feminism is about the comparison of being a man or adopting the role of being a man. On the contrary, feminism is about healing the power that has been corrupted for centuries and instead of being socially forced into roles, we can choose for ourselves. We hold different abilities, awareness's, gifts, and responsibilities than men do.

As a feminist I believe we have a responsibility to fellow women, we have to start a new women to women relationship where instead of hating each other we love one another. Realize that if we are to succeed we need to support one another as most men do. Have you ever sat back and noticed this belief that women fight one another over men?. Or that we are in constant competition and will tear each other down to reach our goals? Or how about this consistent judgment we place on each other. It’s the saddest part of today’s women because I envision a world where all women are apart of the same team. We can’t expand our knowledge, awareness or achievements without each other and should show that support always.

There’s a virus in the feminine energy that causes some people to want to deny their feminine nature. I think that’s where the tearing, judging, and destruction of fellow women is established. Because some women aren’t aligned with their energy and maybe even believe it’s weak, they push it all away. Those judgment’s and destruction is being reflected on to other women.

However, there are women awakened to the power of feminine energy. I always use Beyonce as an example because she’s exemplified how powerful feminine energy is, not that other women have not she is just personally great. In her latest album Lemonade (if you haven’t heard this album I hope in the coming hours you decide to) song after song is the pure feminine strength. Raising the awareness that we are strong and independent and never need to put up with anything that harms us for any reason. That as women at our core we are as STRONG as men. This world has yet to experience feminine power on a broader spectrum. There is too much freedom in the United States to continue fighting one another.

If we heed this message, really opened our hearts to accept the feminine energy then the healers, teachers, and workers can branch out to these countries where women are treated as a commodity. Being sold for money, shunned or killed when standing up for themselves. Stuck in domestic abuse situations or sexual abuse in general. I see this happening soon I think more and more women are opening their eyes to just how powerful they are and ready to kick the fear/naysayers aside and create their path, by their damn self if need be.

In summary that is what I see being a feminist as, joining this movement and supporting all my fellow women in any way I can. That’s why I write these articles because I hope they reach someone’s ear and inspire them to reach for greatness instead of settle for less. Feminism isn’t about the destruction of masculinity it is about the upheaval and healing of feminine energy, has nothing to do with men at all (sorry guys) there’s no need to hate them because the masculine energy has some thing’s to work on as well. They to have centuries of damage that as women we aren’t always able to see.

So ladies let’s do this and I would love to hear your views or perspectives on feminism.

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