How To Stay Balanced and Powerful in Relationships

A must read!

Learning self love is on the rise and a lot of us are getting stuck in the sea of confusion and mislead beliefs about what love is supposed to be.

This article is for you if you’ve found yourself in the following situation’s:

  • Sleeping with a guy/gal whom you believed to have an emotional bond with but in actuality it’s just sex to him/her.
  • Not feeling like your getting what you deserve mentally and emotionally from a relationship.
  • Beating yourself up over “low standards” or for being too “free spirited” with your love. Starting to realize you accept less than you deserve.
  • Feeling more and more drained by trying to participate in the dating world and finding yourself more empty handed as time goes on.
  • Becoming confused to what you look for in a partner and what love means to you.

First of all, don’t fret, if any of this situations resonate to your current situation your on the journey of defining all the questions in your head.

We learn best through relationships and grow tremendously through “pain”. Unfortunately, we’re taught to run away from feelings of abandonment, low self worth or lack instead of sitting with those feelings and finding the root of it.

Relationships work best because it forces our hearts open more than any other dynamic, we’re forced to deal with the gunk that pours out of heart. The emotions of above and this confusion is all the remnants of gunk that needs to be cleared out.

Regain your power within relationships by understanding these things:

  1. The person you are with is in no way more powerful or meaningful enough to ignore your own judgment of self. We can fall into the trap of idolizing our partners and we give so much power to their opinions/judgments of us that it can completely throw us off balance. No one can walk in your shoes and your power is yours because you’ve struggled to attained it, no one else, define yourself by your presence.
  2. Snap out of the illusion of living within your emotions. When the heart breaks open and the gunk is in front waiting to be sifted through it’s common to get lost in it all. It’s possible to start living in the illusion that you are ACTIVELY abandoned and not worthy, understand that these emotions need attention in order to be healed.
  • You are never abandoned because we are all one, you alway’s have God and you always have yourself. Those who fly solo have the strongest wings.
  • You are never not “worthy” you were created by THE creator of all thing’s and are rightfully meant to live a life of love. The reason these emotions exist have nothing to do with your partner and everything to do with your childhood and beliefs of self. Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. Your value only increases based on the value YOU see within yourself.

3. Be thankful that even though the situation may be painful, people are sent into our lives primarily for either learning something about our selves or catalyzing us into the next level. Relationships are not meant to fill your voids, make you feel worthy, or distract you for the time being. Relationships are gifts of lessons and wisdom and some last longer than other’s.

4. Stop looking for your life partner and start look for yourself. Your life partner will not know what you look like until you know what you look like inside and out.

5. Once the lesson is learned you will see the dynamic disappear out of your life. Once the lesson of the relationship is revealed and accepted the person may want nothing to do with you anymore usually for some external or random reason ( just know deep down it’s because you’ve learned) the energy between you and them shifts. That’s something to be excited about, that’s a sign of moving to the next level.

Be True To You — Jasmin