Do You Know The Secret to Beautiful Hair?

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Did you know that the best kept secret to beautidul hair is a healthy scalp?This is the root of Japanese hair culture, where they integrate organic hair and scalp treatments.

In the United States, many salons perform treatments that provide superficial services that promise to give you the utmost in a shiny and glossy look, but use unhealthy hidden chemicals, without taking into consideration the long term condition.

The Japanese way is primarily focused on a wholistic approach to natural wellness. Health and beauty savvy connoisseurs are aware of these toxic chemicals and are seeking a more natural approach to looking gorgeous.

At Blow Me Away Organic Hair Salon & Head Spa, Los Angeles, you will be blown away by the tender loving care and meticulous attention to the details of overall health. The full-service scalp treatment is a must for those who truly seek the finest quality non-toxic, natural products and overall conditioning.

With a holistic approach to hair care and beauty, our philosophy begins with hair health as the foundation for radiant results.

Keiko Uehara,” Co-founder

Unfortunately, are so many toxic environmental factors to consider these days, from air pollution, poor quality food sources and beauty products with unhealthy chemicals, to the daily stressors of big city living. As a savvy consumer, it is most important to read all the ingredients when purchasing any products, and make sure that there are no toxic chemicals. Check out this site for some dangerous ingredients that have a hazardous impact on the environment and on your health.

“Parabens, phthalates and triclosan have been selected by Ethical Consumer as important indicators for our own toxics rating”

As a spa trends specialist, I am always in search of the best of the best in natural, organic beauty treatments that put health first, with plant based, chemical free products.

When a young friend with beautiful, waist long hair mentioned she was going to this Japanese head spa to have a deep cleansing scalp treatment, I was more than curious, I was intrigued.

She described the massage experience as relaxing and then invigorating, where it detoxifies and revitalizes the scalp to promote lasting shine and growth. I immediately contacted the salon and learned that the principal/master stylist, Sayaka Lee, is a true master.

Growing up in Japan, she had a strong foundation of hair and scalp beauty plus training via western greats like Vidal Sassoon and Aveda. Unlike most salons, her commitment to natural beauty stems from a traditional ‘inside-out’ approach rather than just a superficial surface technique.

Scalp Close up under the microscope-before and after treatment

Upon arrival at the salon, the owner, Sayaka performed the necessary hygiene and protocols, and escorted me upstairs to the lounge to get a scalp analysis. You know you’re in good hands with this expert, as she examines your scalp to get a reading on your condition with a microscopic lens. Combing through the hair and carefully scanning the scalp, she utilizes a camera-tipped wand that projects the images of your scalp at 200x close-up on a monitor in front of you.

I must admit I was alarmed at what I saw! She said my scalp condition was pretty healthy but to me, it was a shocking moment. She mentioned that many people have undesirable conditions include discoloration, clogged follicles, and irritation. After the initial shock of seeing such a close up of my roots and scalp, she noticed that I had a lot of product build up. Sayaka then explained the issues and assured me that after my treatment I would be thrilled to see the results of all of the different detoxing and healing elixirs applied.

She then escorted me into a private massage room to sit back and relax. I melted onto a cushy ergonomic recliner that extends flat with my head leaning back as my hair draped into the sink behind.

First my scalp was prepped inside a special steaming bonnet before it was meticulously cleansed with a rhythmic and calculated Japanese shampoo technique. Then I was massaged from my forehead down the neck with essential oil-infused products that help remove buildup and heal irritation. Oily skin types may even get a clay mask. This traditional head spa ritual has become popular for its stress-busting benefits.Treatments last up to an hour and are usually followed by a blowout.

Hair regrowth with regular scalp treatments

When Sayaka moved to Los Angeles, she had a vision for creating a non-toxic alternative to the popular salons in Los Angeles. Here is where she created the ‘inside-out approach to beauty.

All the products here are certified natural, organic, ammonia and paraben free, without fillers and artificial fragrances.

After my treatment I waited and returned a week later to have my root touch up with Letica, who also did balayage highlights with environmentally conscious natural color alternatives. (Balayage is a technique where hair color is painted onto the hair to create a graduated, more natural-looking highlight effect)

Leticia has an impressive background as she was trained with some of the top LA celebrity stylists. Leticia is a sought-after celebrity and runway personal hair stylist. Specializing in contemporary and trendy cuts, balayage and keratin treatments, Leticia personalizes each experience to meet her client’s vision.You can also purchase some of their highly effective products online here.

Heading into the new year, remember to give your head and scalp the attention it deserves. We have all had a stressful 2020 and the best way to welcome in 2021 is to book a healing treatment and start the new year with a more positive outlook. You can enjoy looking in the mirror to the future with a brighter perspective after a soothing scalp and hair makeover!



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