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Galactic Crystal Intention Tub-Straight out of a futuristic movie!*

The essence of Self-Care can be experienced through connecting, transcending and going beyond the self for the ultimate union with All that IS.

The 2021 Holiday Season is a pivotal point in the world of healing, after almost two years of unsettling and tenuous conditions for most of the world. Visiting a spa or healing retreat has never been more of a necessity since the global pandemic and yet these healing sanctuaries have been hit hard with unprecedented openings and closings.

The latest addition to the ever changing world of wellness is a “new Spa concept.” Moving beyond the basics from pampering and pretty, to becoming a Mecca for all including embracing equality for all genders, races, faiths and with an emphasis upon embracing the Mind/Body/Spirit unlike any other here in Los Angeles.

Into-Me-Sea is just that kind of spa, situated in the heart of Santa Monica, California, which is a seaside town that has always been focused on sustainable, eco-conscious, non-toxic and earthwise, as a community of unity. When it comes to a pure and non-toxic environment, nothing was spared.

Private Float Space*

From the design and reconstruction with sustainable materials to the Skywater 300 Air Water Machine to “purchasing from and partnering with ethical companies in countries that align with our vision (that the spiritual, emotional and physical health of the planet is paramount), to the charities we support….IntoMeSea’s pledge to the people is to Cause No Unnecessary Harm”

It is impeccably aligned with supporting non-profits like Fins Attached, Life Rolls ON, A Walk on Water, Beneath the Waves and Shark Allies.

The founder Jen Williams, had a vision to create a unique blend of healing modalities, including flotation, meditation, high energy crystal soaking tubs, infra-red saunas and many other offerings. The piece de la resistance emerged after “Jen’s background as a massage therapist depleted her energy, but it wasn’t until she discovered floatation meditation that she felt sustained relief. During her search, Jen also discovered the benefits of true salt therapy and the Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Light. Bringing these modalities together with bio-hacking technologies and establishing a place to heal while Causing No Harm to the planet, is a gift she is dedicated to sharing.”

Galactal Crystal Intention Tub 2

The culmination of several modalities emerged into this twenty-first century non-conventional environment which includes blend of alternative spa therapies. You enter into a pristine space of highly energized crystals, and bright open light filled environment with a large Labyrinth Flow Studio for mindful practices hosting regular yoga classes and a series of community events.

(Get on their mailing list to find out the upcoming offerings from Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation to sacred tea ceremonies, astrology and tarot readings and a variety of workshops.)

Labyrinth/yoga/ events space*

The spa menu offerings are unlike any you may have experienced in one place. Float, Soak, Light, Energy, Salt, Sweat and Flow are the foundations of this wellness haven.

As a spa trends specialist I have never experienced this type of ‘buffet’ menu that focuses beyond the standard massages and basic conventional spa offerings.

Lucia Light*

My first appointment was the Lucia N-03 Light Experience which was something I had never heard of before. I had a personal therapist who accompanied me into the private healing space and guided me on a meditation as I reclined comfortably on a lounger that felt like a zero gravity chaise. As the light was directed to me, aiming at my pineal gland in the middle of my forehead, my eyes were totally shut and I had an eye mask on to assist me in going deeper inside. I had a headset which played personally selected soundtracks and the total immersion induced a hypnagogic state that was in the zone of perfection, between the realms of waking and sleeping. The most powerful part was that once the light was directed to my 3rd Eye, I immediately experienced what can only be described as a visual extravaganza of both electrifying and soothing pastel fragments of color. Interspersed with bright primal hues all culminating in what one might see in a fractal graphic on a computer screen.

That was my introduction sample, but then the guide demonstrated another program and my light and color show transmuted into a more subdued and peaceful/tonal/sound/ visual immersion as if underwater, and the sounds were merging into a state of joy, compassion and inner peace. Suffice it to say, I was quite relaxed and totally at peace with a sense that all is well in the world, in spite of what was on the news!

This was definitely a powerful state and most who experience this are inclined to sign up for 4–6 sessions and beyond. They say that going beyond 18 sessions you can reach a magical place! I’m ready for that!

I was originally offered to try out the Floatation Meditation and at first I was a bit hesitant from having an experience over three decades ago when these kinds of services were offered in a more primitive isolation tank. My first memory was feeling claustrophobic and wanted to overcome that sensation. So I decided to just go for it this time and move beyond the discomfort.

Entrance to the Flotation space, a ‘womb room’*

This time I was led to into my own private suite with a steam/shower and then bravely stepped into the very spacious floatation “womb” room. Putting my toe into the mineral rich flotation pool, and entering into the private extra large “tank/room,” I felt an immediate sense of peace and safety.

These custom built tank enclosures with light, sound and color were designed to soothe the world-weary soul. I decided to keep the twinkly ceiling lights on and was able to adjust the intensity to my comfort. I then began to gently float in total immersion, with a feeling of safety, security and balance inside this cocoon.

Because of all the other options offered, I chose not to completely eliminate all light and sound. But now I’m imagining myself going back and doing it in complete darkness and removing the external stimulations next time. As I become more comfortable, I could feel that the water was filled with minerals and my body was so relaxed as I floated without any kind of stress or care in the world! I highly recommend this to anyone who might be concerned about the thought of being completely removed from the overstimulation we all are bombarded with 24/7. The healing effect of this sensory deprivation is not a luxury these days, but a necessity! The water was at a mild temperature and I could definitely feel a therapeutic effect in just one session.This would be an ideal environment to enhance any meditation practice.

After that treatment, I dried off and slipped into my cozy white bathrobe and went into another room that had a gigantic quarts crystal surrounded by extra large bean bag loungers to relax, balance and get some healing energy before stepping back out into the external chaotic world. The after effect of this whole process was even more relaxing than a traditional massage. Soaking in mineral water and letting your body align and balance itself without any manipulation was “just what the doctor ordered.” Also, the giant crystal in the relaxation room emitted a powerful energetic healing that cannot be described in words.

Post Float Lounge with Giant Crystal*

All I can say is that my next visit will include the stunningly beautiful Galactic Crystal Intention tub. The beauty of this natural quartz serves as a “holographic storage device where electromagnetic energy flows through it and is programmable so as to be used as a magnification of ambient energy.” It may sound a bit esoteric but they say that “because of the frequency-determining component, it contains an internal blueprint for infinite receptivity that can be encoded with your personal vibration/intention that can be amplified more intensely into the world.”

In addition there is Halotherapy (medical grade dry salt) chamber to cleanse and detox the lungs, and an effective way to stave off pollutants and a whole body treatment that has many beneficial wellness qualities.

After visiting many highly rated Asian Spas in southern California, this is definitely in a class above all the rest. The whole environment feels pure, oxygenating, and unlike the other spas, meticulously clean.

Best of all, the whole spa environment sanitized in the most healthful way, you can feel the the purity and expanded oxygen absorption. I am looking forward to returning to try out these other offerings.

The Retail offerings are unique and well curated

In addition, the Clearlight Sanctuary Retreat Sauna was beckoning me to stay and experience the only true Full-Spectrum infrared sauna available, with near, mid and far infrared technologies. This is more powerful than the average ones most places have. It provides all wavelengths 100% of the time to optimize your sauna session with comfortable benches. It is also wheel chair accessible.

*All photos courtesy of Wonho Frank Lee



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