The 5 Star Life
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The 5 Star Life

Going Within @ Into-Me-Sea

Galactic Crystal Intention Tub-Straight out of a futuristic movie!*

The essence of Self-Care can be experienced through connecting, transcending and going beyond the self for the ultimate union with All that IS.

The 2021 Holiday Season is a pivotal point in the world of healing, after almost two years of unsettling and tenuous conditions for most of the world. Visiting a spa or healing retreat has never been more of a necessity since the global pandemic and yet these healing…




Ageless Lifestyle Magazine for those who seek to experience life through the 5 Senses and Beyond. Longevity, Getting Red Carpet Ready, Anti-Aging Breakthroughs, Healing Retreats, Luxury Spas and Wellness Travel. Follow us through the secret passage into the world of fine living.

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Marjorie Hope Rothstein

Marjorie Hope Rothstein

LifeStylist: Future Trends, Ageless Natural Beauty, LuxSpaTrends, follow her “Quest for the Fountain of Youth, sharing Beauty for the Soul”

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