Bernie-or-Busters: Way to Boo Your Guy

I get on my knees and pray… we don’t get fooled again

Lon Shapiro
Jul 13, 2016 · 10 min read

There is a huge difference between living the dream and living in a dream world when it comes to politics.

In the aftermath of the disastrous Reagan and Bush administrations, I remember talking to my friends about how this unknown candidate would help us change the world:

  • He was different than the others.
  • He was one of us, not born to privilege.
  • He spoke for the downtrodden and championed social justice.
  • He would bring back the jobs and rebuild the economy.
  • He would cut taxes for the middle class and make the rich pay their fair share.
  • He was committed to better education at every level and would create a program to guarantee a college education to everyone.
  • He would fight for tough, effective trade laws and encourage investment in research and development for emerging technologies.
  • He will create a health plan that covers everybody, while taking on the insurance companies.
  • He would put the People first.

You know I can only be talking about one visionary candidate, right?

If everything you read above sounds familiar, it is, because Bill Clinton said the exact same thing as Bernie Sanders. I pulled most of this stuff off a 1992 campaign brochure.

While I am not suggesting that Bernie Sanders would turn into the “best Republican President we’ve ever had” (according to Michael Moore in Stupid White Men), doing the work of governing is a never ending sequence of infuriating, soul-sucking compromises that “betray” your most ardent supporters.

CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN? How about we can’t believe the changes.

Just look at what all that pressure and obstructionism and all the unexpected bad sh*t in the world did to that black dude in the White House:

Maybe we should measure Obama’s time in office in dog years.

I’ll admit, I have been disappointed many times by Democratic candidates and the Democratic machine that manages to eliminate the ones who would have become amazing presidents.

But it’s nothing compared to living in an Orwellian hellhole.

Under Reagan and Bush, everday was filled with mind numbing bullish*t like “ketchup is a vegetable” (justification for cutting school lunch programs), or “The Clean Skies Act” (a Bush law that allowed 42 million more tons of pollution emitted than the EPA proposal). The scandals and sell-outs came at such an amazing rate, the press couldn’t keep up and connect the dots. People had no clue about anything, and still don’t because nobody cares about history.

But a few of us do remember. And care.

I’m still outraged about the corporate and political crimes committed against the American people that are better known as California’s “electricity crisis,” the Iraq War, and the financial meltdown of 2008, as these may be current enough that they are floating around in the consciousness of younger voters.

Well, here’s your moment of truth.

The next act of political suicide, one that TRUMPS all the others, is entirely on you, my dear millennials.

Living the dream means working in the trenches, doing your part, day in and day out, regardless of the short term political result. You are now the largest voting block in this country, so don’t f*ck this up.

I was in a constant state of anger for eight years, because the stupid and apathetic people of this country made the 2000 election close enough that Republican dirty tricks and a partisan Supreme Court could let a narcissistic idiot like George W Bush flush this country down the toilet. Here’s a reminder of how much he f*cked this country:

Well, guess what? Herr Drump will make you wish for the good old days of W.

There is a reason that we must unite to defeat this “short-fingered vulgarian.”

Yesterday, Bernie Sanders did exactly what he had to do. From the moment Obama endorsed Clinton, it was just a matter of time for Sanders to unite the party against a far worse threat than Hillary. Last week, every news channel was reporting that Sanders would endorse Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, July 12.

Are you people living in such a bubble that you are surprised by this event, as if no warning was given?

So, what the f*ck is wrong with you?

Just look at these comments by people reacting to the Sanders announcement on Medium yesterday (my counter rants are in parentheses):

“…that says everything about the decision that was made today without warning, without preparation.” (I think it says more about the fact that you don’t watch the news or read newspapers.)

“This is a cheap, populist, socialist politician who is immoral and clueless as to what needs to be done.” (You mean the Sanders who has fought for the same issues for his entire life? The one who forced Clinton to make major platform changes that reflect the desires of the American people?)

“Today I switched my party from Democratic to Libertarian… I don’t care what anyone else says, I want the political class to know business as usual doesn’t fly with me.” (Thanks for showing us that willful ignorance is not just limited to knuckle dragging rednecks.)

“Sorry, Bernie, I can’t. You sold out. If Donald Trump in office is the message the DNC needs to stop meddling with their own electorate, then that’s the message they need.” (Nader supporters told us back in 2000 that by making the country worse it would get much better. How did that work out?)

“Thank you for bringing us together, but I would say 99% of people at the Bernie Rallies and gatherings are not voting for Hillary.” (Please, just read a f*cking poll: 85% already intend to vote for Clinton)

“If splitting the vote, by voting for a third party candidate, enables Trump to be president, so be it. At least the voice of the Left will be heard and uncompromised by the election.” (Just like in 2000? If I want my voice heard instead of being counted, I’d rather play my guitar on the street. At least I’ll earn some money.)

“Endorsing the Wall Street corporate candidate is 180° from everything we thought your campaign stood for. The Democratic party has become a hollow shell of what it once was and no longer stands for anything beyond the personal enrichment of Democratic elected officials.” (And this is compared to when, 1932? Did you just sleep through the 2000 election, when the mantra was “there’s no difference between the parties?”)

“Nooo :( why not Jill Stein why did you have to endorse the devil herself.” (Because we should hand the election to the devil himself?)

“We know the primary was rigged and that there was vote fraud in many states. So your “full throated” endorsement of the criminal Clinton, because you fear Trump, is a betrayal, especially as there was a viable alternative.” (Conspiracy theorist AND delusional about the Green Party winning an election. Double points!)

“Please don’t stop. Run a third party. Make your own third party.” (History lesson: the greatest Republican President since Lincoln was Teddy Roosevelt. He was immensely popular, served two terms as President, then retired, after grooming his close friend William Howard Taft to succeed him. When he came back from his travels, he was frustrated with the way the Taft was running the country. He lost in the 1912 Republican nomination to Taft, formed the Bull Moose Party and succeeded in getting a Democrat elected to the presidency. ARE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION???)

“I’m guessing they threatened your grandchildren.” (I’m guessing the drugs you are using are not legal.)

“Do you have any idea how much the people are *hurting* right now Bernie? You’re crushing our hearts and our hope for America. We just *CANNOT* vote for her… You were the only option. Why can’t you see that? We’re weeping, Bernie. Weeping!” (Is this American Idol, or a life and death political struggle? Cry as much as you want, but don’t help sabotage the country by not voting.)

“After watching Bernie shake his head at lying Hillary so many times you would think it would be obvious that he could never truly support her.” (Have you never seen a political campaign before? My god, Hillary said much worse things about Obama in 2008 and then worked to get him elected.)

“You are joining a TRAITOR to this country and that makes you a traitor as well. This is unbelievable. You should be ashamed of yourself. You accomplished NOTHING, or at least you through it all away the moment you endorsed that lying, imperial robot.” (And with the appearance of the true Kool-Aid swallowing, ideological purist, who will kill everything of any value because it’s not perfect, I think we can close the comment section.)

Enough comments. On to solutions.

Let’s look at what will happen over the next four years of a Clinton presidency, if you idiots don’t screw the pooch:

Judicial Policy:

Hillary could nominate up to three Supreme Court Justices in the next four years.

This will change the country for the next thirty years. Just name one issue you care about, and imagine its fate if the case is heard by a court with a liberal majority.

Domestic Policy: ZERO progress in the face of continued Congressional obstruction. Continued attempts to repeal Obamacare and limit a Women’s right to choose, which will all be vetoed if they somehow pass both houses.

Foreign Policy. A continuation of Obama’s foreign policy: surveillance, drone strikes, the occasional military incursion, nuclear non-proliferation efforts, traditional diplomacy to achieve global goals (instead of the constant threat of war)

Economic Progress: Continued stable markets, with little growth (but compared to the uncertainty and financial upheaval created by a Trump presidency, count yourselves lucky)

Social Progress: Slow, but painful progress (as the older generation dies off, there can’t help but be more tolerance for others), but at least Hillary won’t be building a wall, rounding up 11 million illegal immigrants and preventing Muslims from coming into the country.

Entertainment: A never ending repeat of Benghazi and email hearings, culminating in a minimum of TWO (2) impeachments!!! Late night hosts and comedians are drooling at the material. SNL’s Kate McKinnon will extend her career for another four years. And then we’ve still got that wild card up our sleeves, the First Husband!

Bonus Change: This is up to you, millennials. It means doing the hard work of seizing power locally — the school board, City Council, zoning commission, and State legislature. Vote, organize and run for office.

One president was never going to make your dreams come true.

Without control of local government, big money is free to pollute your town, steal your water, or poison your children.

Without control of state government, right wing extremists can attack a women’s reproductive rights and jerrymander Congressional districts to insure that the voice of the people is never heard.

Without control of the House of Represenatives and the Senate, right wing extremists can block all significant domestic progress.

To conclude, Wake the F*ck Up

The political process is a continuous sh*t storm of lies and corruption, but people do make a difference. Progress unfortunately takes a lot of time, but it does come if enough people keep pushing that boulder up the hill on a daily basis.

  • Stop playing Pokemon Go and make sure you are registered to vote.
  • Volunteer for a candidate you still believe in and make some telephone calls — you don’t have to give up your normal life to still make a difference.
  • Vote for Hillary, even if you have to put a clothespin over your nose.
  • If you’ve got some money, contribute to the campaigns of women candidates for the House and the Senate. Elizabeth Warren needs as many friends as she can get in Congress.

[UPDATE, 7/26: In his morning rally, Bernie Sanders did everything he could to recognize the efforts of his campaign supporters, point out the incredible effect of their work — the most progressive party platform ever — and ask them to recognize the political realities of preventing a dangerous egomaniac (no, not Clinton, you fools, Herr Drumpf). And his efforts were greeted with boos. Have some respect for Sanders. He worked his entire life to further the causes he believes in. Most of you show up for maybe your first or second election and turn on him because he doesn’t show enough ideological purity. I’m not pointing a finger at long time Green Party supporters; you’ve gone on your own path and done whatever work you’ve done. I don’t expect you to support Clinton. I’m talking about the neophytes who looked up long enough from their cell phones to show up for a rally or two and then have the righteous indignation to boo your hero because he’s trying to save the country from a Trump presidency.]

I never ask for recommends for my own writing, but this message is different. Please click on the stupid heart below so it can reach all the people who need to wake the f*ck up. Thanks.


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