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How you can use Clevertap to monitor the performance of your app 101

Performance marketing has become one of the most sought after and important field of marketing since the whole digital boom happened few years back.

But the real problem of this digital boom is most of the performance marketers have little or no experience in either marketing or brand management. They are great at optimization. But marketing not so much.

So I decided to explore this side of marketing to gain and distribute knowledge simultaneously. This way I will gain experience of using these tools of performance marketing and I will also impart my brand management and marketing knowledge to those who will choose to read this article.

To kick off, I would say nearly 80% performance marketing work revolves around the tools you will use.

Modern CMOs not only depend on people who know how these tools function but also those who have extensive experience of how these tools are created because lot of these tools are so proprietary and have so many levers to customize that most traditional marketers or performance marketers who have little to no experience of customization can really struggle to adapt to the new times.

As I have taken a side project of developing a mobile application on Unity gaming engine during this pandemic, I decided to learn more about the performance marketing tools used for app marketing and app store optimization.

Today, most of the leading companies like Paytm, Practo, looking for perormance marketing professionals in Indian job market demand the applicants to get some knowledge or exposure of Clevertap tool to promote and market apps to analyze usage trends along with managing digital marketing communication to attract, convert and retain customers on their respective platforms.

For the start check out the following demo video which will show you the details of the dashboard of Clevertap platform.

As an experience marketer I can say that these things are very intuitive and easy to understand for many brand strategists but for a new brand manager or entrepreneur in the business, all these terms collated in a single platform with such easy to use levers can make or break the business.

Next I would like to introduce you to one of the most important marketing concept called inbound marketing. Inbound marketing literally means getting the attention of the customers without sounding like a traditional sales person.

Inbound methodology focuses on understanding and solving the problems of its potential customers than just selling whatever the products there are on the aisle.

Following link will give you in depth knowledge about the methodology.

You can also check out their certification courses which are every easy and quick to finish but have lot of very important knowledge condensed into very simple and short video courses.

As I go ahead I will be writing about my journey of app marketing and how I use these tools to utilize my existing markrting knowledge to promote my app on Google play store.

To be continued….



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