Executive Summary

An A-Z — The Skinny On Group Partners

You Probably Want To See The Big Picture

This will take you on a rapid tour of what we do at a high level. It may well be the only one you need to take a look at. It takes 4 minutes to read.

Then The Structured Approach

This one then starts to explain just some of the examples of the frameworks. it delves a little more into the logical approach that we are famous for. It’s A 12 minute read.

Thinking Frameworks

Everything in our world can be said to involve a framework of sorts. Nature, Business and Society — they all have way of being understood, managed and connected. So it is with Group Partners.

We’ve developed a whole philsophy — a powerful way of working and it underpins everything we do to create rapid value for clients.

What Clients Say About The Experience?

A series of references and testimonials that use the clients own words to put it all far better than we ever could. Some of them would be very happy to be called and spoken to too. This is a 7 minute read.

Picking On One Topic

This is a useful one to read next — it shows you how the structured visual approach is applied to one of the 21st Centuries hottest topics — how to ensure that your business engages with it’s customers and creates the best possible experience. It’s a 4 minute read.

On Setting Expectations For A Program?

This document explains what it’s going to be like (and what it takes to be ready) for one of our assignments.

In this case we’ve focussed on the session part — where all the stakeholders and teams come together to validate the direction. A 7 minute read.

Creating An Ideal Space For Thinking?

We are very keen to maximise the value of the time the teams spend together within our work. We place a high value on getting the right environment and the right space to think and work.

It’s often not that easy to explain what we need nor why we need it — so that’s the intention of this document. It’s a 14 minute read.

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

For a little light hearted fun we would love it of you took a look at some examples of what will and what wont work. We work at scale and are prepared to build walls.

We’ve proven that this large canvas is often the difference — giving people the insight into the way the business works and as a result into what matters. A 2 minute read.

Transferring The Thinking In The Future?

Watch this space as we are developing a wide range of tools that build on this idea. Equipping teams to think and work differently is our raison d’etre.

We are developing a wide range of applications in this area — from sustaining the work in teams by transferring the skill to do similar structured thinking right through to engagement and management tools and platforms for progress. A 7 minute read.

Thank you! — Our world tour in under one hour!

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