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A Visual Tour — From Principles To Deliverables

Quick Guide

Please click through the links below to see the main dimensions of our work and also further below to some of the public case studies. At a more general level — here’s our landing page for the many articles and deep dives into our world. And here’s our website.

The Links

This first link shows just some of the visual materials — the visual product of our work:

An Audio/Video Tour

This link is an interactive/narrated description of what we do, why we do it and how it works. It’s more fun:

Finding The Ideal Workshop Space

Some visual examples of the rooms we need to work in for the intervention part of the program:

Why We Work This Way

This explains the how and the why — the rationale of our work:

How It Works

This link explains the approach in detail:

The Different Models

The ‘Unplugged’ version of structured visual thinking — perhaps more ad hoc and somewhat less formal but tailored to how business executives think and work:

Case Study — The UN Global Goals

We can’t share confidential client work but this is in the public domain and explains some of the global programs we are working on.

An Easy Start:

The Summary For Those That Attended Dubai:

The Global Sustainability Network Strategy:

The One Page Executive Summary: