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Our Business Has Become Synonymous With Frameworks

We have to explain them quite often.

That’s because the definition of the word is wide. Consequently their meaning, their use and their value can often be underestimated.

At Group Partners they are how we think, how we work and what results — from everything we do. At a very real level frameworks are how nature, mankind and business works.

“It’s one of those words that covers a lot of things — a tool, a construct, a mechanism, a structure, a device. It almost always used to suggest something that’s deliberately ‘built’.”

The dictionary says that a framework is an essential supporting structure of — a building, a vehicle, or an object. Think of it therefore as a frame, a substructure, structure, skeleton — a chassis, a shell, a body and even — bodywork.

It’s also described as the ‘structure’ underlying a system, concept, or text. In other terminology it’s about shape, fabric, frame, order, scheme, system, organization, construction, configuration, composition, constitution, architecture, anatomy.

It’s very important!

We’re Happy That ‘Framework’ Means A Lot Of Things…

…because the world is full of a lot of things.

Lot’s Of Things Makes Things Complex

But as humans we aim to avoid complicated.

We need ways to hold all these things somehow so that we can understand them. That’s one powerful definition of framework.

Head to the link here to take a visual tour:

For us the idea of ‘framework’ is used in a variety of modes — to shape, to identify, to stimulate, to provoke, to extract and to convey all the things that matter within a logical and ‘tellable’ structure.

The magic of the framework structure emerges in a very human way — helping us to make the important decisions.

The frameworks allow us to hold all that stuff — all kinds of different content — in order to afford us a greater understanding of them as a whole system — their relationships to one another.

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