The Work We Do

Walking Through The Scenarios That Work

All Challenges Are NOT The Same.

Our structured visual approach demonstrates our belief in the natural exchange of ideas through conversation. The whole approach means we can create value and solve challenges quickly together. We can build ‘frameworks’ to deal with every situation. Frameworks are the tools we use to force clarity and filter out the noise.

The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in. — Henry Green

We gain our understanding by working hard to appreciate the contexts of our clients and the complicated situations within which they live and work.

Ask Our Clients How Well It Worked

These references explain, better than we can, what value we created. Click on the image below and head to the link.

Some Of The Main Challenges We Are Asked To Engage With

  • Develop a future vision and strategy for an enterprise that can be successful in today’s markets
  • Develop more effective/higher performing operations — reduce cost/increase profitability
  • Solve a specific challenge or exploit an opportunity that’s arisen
  • Create the culture that’s capable of surviving in the digital economy
  • Educate leadership teams about innovation and disruptive technologies and trends and then properly consider their own plans to implement them
“Trying to learn from customers is like excavating an archaeological site. The truth is down there somewhere, but it’s fragile. Each blow with a shovel gets you closer to the truth, but you can smash it into a million pieces if you use too blunt an instrument.” — Rob Fitzpatrick
  • Design and develop meaningful ‘brand positions’ and value propositions that accurately reflect the future enterprise
  • Help teams think through complex technology transformation, migration and change plans
  • Create sustainable strategies that reduce the risk of social and environmental damage
  • Develop better business processes —from customer experience to supply chain efficiency
  • Align the leaders around the plans and strategies to achieve the above

All Strategy Is Story

And strategies are simply ways to achieve our missions. What’s harder is to tell the story and possibly even to write it dowm A common theme throughout the above is the ability to write the fresh narrative. It’s even a challenge as given to us sometimes.

“All great literature is one of two stories; a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town.” — Leo Tolstoy

Unplugged Or Fully Leaded?

All businesses have to respond to the marketplace they operates within — and that changes at a terrifying pace. The way a business operates in the market means that ideas and innovation have to move at the same rate. This is not easy. This is hard.

It’s hard because it demands a major shift in the mindset of the people — critically those of the leaders. Thinking in a more ‘accelerated’ fashion has to become the natural behaviour — the new habit of leadership. Then it has to become the way the entire business thinks and works too.

The leaders of all businesses have challenges and often the solutions to them require a lot more than just meetings to solve them. They need safer ways to engage, more intelligent ways to understand what’s going on and become comfortable with the new dynamics that exist. Importantly they need new ways to appreciate the difference that all that is making to their future.

Creating Unstructured Ways Of Working

Read this document to see how we add value in smaller and more discrete ways. How we get ready to solve big challenges and stay attached over the mid to longer term through less formal — even more conversational methods:

The Art Of Reflection

The Power Of Thinking Things Through — Bottom To Top

Creativity, hypotheses and ideas are always the better for a bit of reflective consideration. Often that can mean ‘wandering about a bit.’ We know how stopping and doing something completely unrelated tends to fire up that fresh idea.


We are well known, as a business, that does complex work simply and a big part of that means large scale collaborative sessions with leadership teams. And yes, at key stages in the development of big programs they are important. But there’s a lot more involved to building sustainable plans than just holding team sessions.

Everyone in the enterprise — in some way or other — needs to engage in the future plans to make them work. Especially if we want all the energy that it took to build them to be sustained.

How It All Works

Click here to see how we engage and get started working with clients on their critical assignments.

Important Conversations

Read this to get a better appreciation of the conversational approach.