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Well, that you skimmed it anyway. So — here are the more in-depth, more fun, more different, more pictures, more — well, more — that were referred to in it.

What Is Structured Visual Thinking™?

There’s visual thinking and there’s Structured Visual Thinking™. We use logic and reasoning, structured frameworks and critical thinking to solve complex challenges and exploit the opportunities in business. We use visual tools and techniques because they help us do this very quickly.

What We Do — And Why We Do It

Pictures help to explain things — so this article takes a rapid tour through the main aspects of what we do and why we do it. It also takes you to more links for greater clarification and more visuals about what we do.

Two Real Case Studies That Explain What We Do

A Full Case Study — One That We Can Actually Share

It’s not always possible to show what we do* because it’s almost always confidential to our clients. In this case though we worked with The African Union on a strategy to widen the governance and related standards in relation to Democracy & Human Rights.

* It explains precisely what happened in the sessions themselves. The experience is quite similar to many of our interventions.

Another — This Time On How To Transform Agriculture In Nigeria

Once again this is a pretty accurate example of taking a valuable and yet very complex challenge and making it accessible to the stakeholders so that they can understand how and what they need to do.

What Our Clients Say

About The Value & Impact Of Our Work

It’s always better for us if our clients use their own words to explain what we do rather than us. This document captures some of the memorable sentiments they’ve expressed. We have received several hundred over the years but these cover most of the main themes we hear.

Why Structure & Visualisation Works

Rigorous Frameworks — High Quality Visualisation

Here we describe two of the main aspects of our work — ‘structured thinking’ and ‘visualisation’. The texts point to the paradox of structured and rigorous and yet free flowing and creative thinking. It then directs you to the most relevant links for even further insight and information.

How We Approach An Assignment

The Typical Rhythm Of A Client Engagement

Every assignment is unique but this article explains our mentality and principles — in particular how they apply to a typical program of work. It uses pictures and straightforard explanations of the ‘waves’ that define each stage of a program.

The Interactive Sessions

And Everything You Need To Know About The Rooms

At some point in our assignments there will be a collaborative session. There are logistics and practicalities involved. This article explains pretty much everything you need to know about putting on a collaborative event using Structured Visual Thinking™

12 Visual Galleries Full Of Images

They Explain Further & In Pictures What We Do

Because we are a visual business we use visuals as much as possible to explain our work. You will see here that we’ve created 12 Albums, mostly visual, but with short narrations that cover the main themes we care about at Group Partners

Using Video & Animation To Explain Complex Strategic Stories

Bringing Strategy To Life — Making Them Real

An article that shows how we can use video and animation in the development of more immersive experiences for audiences. It explains how to communicate complex ideas in order to tell even better stories and describe the more intangible aspects of strategy.

Using Interactive Technologies And Social Platforms To Bring Strategy To Life

Working With Teams In The Way The World Works

Because we work visually — we can translate everything we do into comprehensive solutions that educate, inform, engage and ensure sustainable value of all the strategic work. This article uses video and animation to explain this dimension further.

The Big 5 Reasons Why Our Clients Use Us

These Are The Themes That Have Emerged Over The Last 15 Years

The reasons why clients call us in are very varied because they use specific words/language to describe the challenge*. We’ve gathered all these cases together and simplified them into 5 main areas.

* The document explains the main applications of Structured Visual Thinking™. These are why we get brought in and also what clients tell us they valued from it.

Excellence In Customer Experience For Example — Looking At A Particular Dimension Of Business

One Of At Least A Dozen Top Level Issues Affecting Our Clients

In this article we describe how we would tackle a specific challenge. In this case Customer Experience. It shows how we make sure the topic is covered in terms of the overall system and context — in relation to the whole business.

This example shows how we create specific modules to tackle the challenge with the team.

Everything Is Based On Framework Science™

Philosophy, Science + Principles That Define The Core Of Our Work

This document explains how Framework Science™ helps us to make a real difference to each assignment and how that drives the engineering of the frameworks we use to solve challenges.

The Ongoing Evolution Of Our Philosophy

Working To Make A Difference To Everything

How Group Partners Makes A Difference. This article goes into a lot of detail about our principles and the entire approach. This kind of work means that it is always a work in progress — but the text starts to explain the way we think and work to make a genuine difference.

Group Partners — The Complete Collection Of Articles

Everything That Isn’t Here — Is Here

Here you will find over a hundred articles going back over many years and covering all the themes from a variety of angles. It is a growing and regularly updated space — so it’s worth coming back every now and then if what we do is of interest to you.

Group Partners — Cases

The Cases That We Are Allowed To Describe

It’s difficult to show actual cases because all of our work is confidential. In the cases shown at this link we have permission to share them with you. They are mostly Government and in the social enterprise domain which is a big part of our overall strategy to make a difference to the natural, social and enterprise worlds.

And A Further Library Of Downloadable Examples Of Our Work

A Bit About The Principals

That Means US

We are a deliberately small practice. We’ve worked invery large business. We’ve designed enough support to keep us small. We have a studio team for our creative and production work and the rest is all about collaboration, partnering in the right way and leverage. That means bringing in any resource we need when we need it — through an eco-system of knowledge and connections — but first that bit about us.

Our Blogs

We Write In Our Own Right

Our blogs tend to be rambles about what makes us us — so they are clues to the things that actually drive us. We’re lucky that what drives us is also pretty much the same things that make us obsessed people. Obsessed about creating a better world.But you can make up your own mind about that.

John Caswell — Just Thinking
Hazel Tiffany — Lessons From The Field